Leadership Today: Is Every Team Member of One Mind, One Method, One Message?

Video Interview with Paula Allen, Raving Partner – Leadership and Tribal Member Development, Enrolled Tribal Citizen of Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe, Learning Point Group Partner, and Director of Leadership Development and Guest Services, 7 Cedars Casino

“What is our purpose, what do we want to be known for, what is our singleness of purpose? Is every team member of one mind, one method, one message?” asks Paula Allen when she addresses key questions when developing a leadership program for their enterprises.

Allen has been not only at the forefront of her own Tribe’s leadership development initiatives but has also helped Tribes across the county refine their programs.

In this interview, Raving CEO Deana Scott and Allen discuss the art and science of building a solid leadership plan to withstand crisis. Allen uses the following core principles including what she calls the Four Cs and the Four Ps when it comes to “change leadership.” When a change is happening the organization, leaders focus on:

The Four Ps:

  • What is the Purpose of this change?
  • What is the bigger Picture?
  • What is the master Plan?
  • What is the Part you play?

The Four Cs:

  • Are you a Credible leader?
  • Do you understand the Concerns in your department?
  • Are you making Connections with everyone?
  • Is your Leadership team Committed to success?

Is your organization successfully navigating change and disruption? Do you have a fluid plan that can withstand crisis? Do you communicate consistently from the top to the frontline? Does everyone understand that the relationship between a supervisor and a front line team member can make or break a department? Lots of questions, but with a solid plan in place, the answer can always be “yes.”

For more information on building leadership teams or to download the complimentary handout “Lead Change Roadmap Tool” please email amy@betravingknows.com for more information.