Leadership in Action: Do Your Team Members Feel Excited to Be Back and Safe?

Interview with Paula Allen, Raving Partner — Leadership and Tribal Member Development, Enrolled Tribal Citizen of Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe, Learning Point Group Partner, and Director of Leadership Development and Guest Services 7 Cedars Casino

As casinos have opened up during the last month, what is differentiating the properties that have engaged guests and team members compared to those casinos that are struggling? Why are some team members operating under high anxiety and fear and teams at other properties are feeling excited and confident about returning to work and engaging with guests? Leaders across the country are being put to the test.

In this interview, Allen discusses the common elements integral to ensure our team members and guests feel safe and our employees feel supported. And it has nothing to do with putting out more signage. It all has to do with building credible front line leaders.

She shares examples of casinos who are refining and improving their existing leadership action plans and are utilizing the tools and protocols they’ve built for just for this type of crisis we face now. These are the properties where leaders are spending more time out in the floor, making sure that our front line team members are able to focus only on interaction and on entertaining the gaming guest.

Is this your property? How can you set up your organization for long term success? How do you set up these tools in advance so you can have a successful transition during times of change?

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