Analytics Update: What is the Reopening Casino Data Telling Us?

Video Interview with Lynette O’Connell, Raving's VP of Data Science and Operations and Deana Scott, CEO, Raving

Lynette has been working with clients throughout closures and reopening. Finally, some casinos have at least three months of data to work with. When the closures happened, the questions were, “What type of offers should we be giving?“ and “What should our reinvestment be?”

In this interview with Lynette by Raving’s CEO Deana Scott, we get an update on what the new data of the last three months is telling us, which includes:

Even though every market is different, we are seeing a shift in the database skewed to a younger demographic.

We can attribute this to two things: many of our loyal, older players are not feeling safe to return. Second, as other entertainment venues have been closed, younger and new players are using their discretionary incomes at casinos, as they are one of few locations in town to gather.

In regards to offers to players that have not returned, Lynette suggests not to pressure them to return.

Keep in touch, make them offers that they can use when they feel safe to come back. Creating a special list, say an “MIA” list, or campaign that you communicate with them with “we miss you messages.” Don’t treat them like they are inactives.

Although you are keeping your eye on your top players that haven’t returned, don’t focus all of your energy on them.

Concentrate on the guests who are playing now and reinvest on the play that they are giving you now.

If we’re relying on our databases to make decisions, why are we still struggling to get the needed data?

Lynette suggests that data information comes from finance, slots and marketing; we need to find ways to get to one version of the truth to make it simple for everyone on the property to get the data they need. This is a critical time to make sure you have the tools you need to deal with these uncertain times and player patterns.

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