When a Large Market Segment Becomes a Problem

What happens when Baby Boomers stay home?

What happens when a dominant cohort in the gaming industry becomes hesitant to visit casinos and resorts?

Boomers are a key market driver among target segments in the gaming industry. What happens when they stay away?

Baby Boomers are a massive demographic that controls the largest block of spendable income, with the free time to use it.

The year 2020 has been dubbed the “Decade of the Young Old” in an article by the Economist. According to the article, “the ‘Yold’ – as the Japanese call people ages 65 to 75 – are more numerous, healthier and wealthier than previous generations of seniors.”

“The yold are also better off: between 1989 and 2013, the median wealth of families headed by someone over 62 in America rose by 40% to $210,000, while the wealth of all other age groups declined.”

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