Selling in Sensitive Times

Hey, your hosts (should) know all about this!

If you are a supplier to the casino industry, sending out “sales messages” can ruin your business and destroy relationships rather than generate new business if not approached carefully. Even if you know your product can truly help the casino and time is of the essence – a poorly timed message can be extremely detrimental.

With the current pandemic and how it has affected businesses all over the world, proper communication is more important than ever. Nearly everyone is struggling to keep their business afloat, but we can’t panic. We have been offered a unique situation. One in which we can reset how we have previously done business and to quote Raving Partner, Steve Dahle, “be bold.”

There are basics that anyone who is “selling” to a customer should follow. The hardline, arm twisting, high pressure “hard sell” tactics some use work only on a very small percentage of people. For the majority, it is a huge turn-off. This is true for both the person calling as well as the one receiving the call. When you are more concerned about “making the sale” instead of actually getting to know the basics – Who am I talking to? How do they communicate? What is important to the person I am talking to? How can I help them? – your calls will not be answered or returned.

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