Take a Look At Your Slot Floor and How Quickly Contamination Can Occur

Understanding reopening strategies using simulations of the slot floor

Jason D. Fiege, Ph.D.
CEO, nQube Data Science Inc.

Forward by Christine Faria, Executive Editor, Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine

On April 29, I viewed a webinar held by CDC Gaming Seminars “Managing Your Property Reopening – The New Reality of the Slot Floor.” What I found most fascinating about the program was Jason Fiege, Ph.D.’s Monte Carlo simulations in regards to “what if” strategies in regards to how contamination can spread between machines with different cleaning protocols. I have shared the link courtesy of CDC Gaming Seminars and also asked Jason to present his findings in an article format.

It is remarkable how much life has changed since February, and especially over the past few weeks. I’ve taken to referring to my go-to Canadian news station as the “Pandemic Channel.” I miss seeing my colleagues and students in person, but I’ve become familiar with half a dozen video conferencing platforms. I have a gallon of hand sanitizer, but I’ve barely left the house since this all began. So far, we have escaped the worst of the pandemic in icy, isolated Winnipeg, Manitoba, but still, I miss the “Before Times.”

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