The When, How and What of Reopening

What we’ve learned from our industry and guests

How is your reopening plan coming together? If you are finding it a challenge on many levels, you’re not alone. Many casino executives and marketing teams feel that they are being thrust into the position of making decisions regarding infectious disease, health and safety. Some would say that falls slightly out of the area of their expertise. Nonetheless, we are left to develop guidelines and opening plans in a way that positions your property as a safe option for entertainment in your market.

Over the last month, we have conducted a weekly call with clients and friends in the industry to discuss what everyone is seeing, hearing, and thinking about the best ways to move forward under such challenging circumstances. In order to assist them further, we’ve also conducted surveys of their guests to help capture their opinions on a number of the reopening factors. The open dialogue has provided valuable insights that may be of consideration in your reopening plans.

Mark Astone 18 Articles