Three Lessons Learned

How we can all unite under a common cause

Over our lifetime, we have experienced many occasions that have had a profound impact on life going forward. It sometimes takes a major event to see more clearly the things we can accomplish together as opposed to against one another. The ability to find a rallying point which unites individuals to overcome difficult times in an effort to return to normalcy, however that may look like in the future.

So too, is the challenge that lies ahead for our industry on how we emerge from circumstances never before seen. You have started to see more and more experts come out in all lines of business as to how the future will be shaped. Be careful to not believe everything that you hear and see.

Many years ago growing up in rural Nebraska, we had a next-door neighbor who was an older gentleman that lived alone. As far as I knew, he had no family and lived a very reclusive life with little of life’s extra necessities that many took for granted. Without exception, when Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter rolled around, my dad would make sure that there was always an extra plate of food that was delivered to Slim by me or one of my brothers. The plate was always sent back clean and was very much appreciated. More on that later.

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