Can Your Club Members Pick You Out of a Crowd?

Research shows many casino guests think all players clubs are alike

Raving’s national research of casino player clubs indicates that at least 25% of players think all clubs are about the same. What percent of your club members can’t differentiate your club from your competitors? Or, even worse, what percent of your players think other clubs are better than yours? And why?

Your club is a major marketing expense that is designed to increase revenue and loyalty. And yet many casinos run their club and make changes to it without having reliable input from club members. A players club survey using members of your database can give you reliable answers.

Key Club Measurements (graphics)

Most players have a favorite casino that they usually visit, and at least two other casinos that they occasionally visit. Raving’s research indicates that the percent of exclusively loyal players is between 10%-25%, depending on the market. This means that the majority of your players belong to other clubs and are comparing you to your competitors.

Ranking your club with your competitors is a must. A good way to construct a club comparison  question is with a five-point Likert scale. There are two negatives (not nearly as good, not quite as good), a middle neutral, and two positives (little better, much better).

The following chart shows sample data from a casino club survey that Raving conducted. The two positives—much better and a little better—total 27% of respondents who think the client casino’s club is better. 27% think all clubs are about the same. 24% think the casino client’s club is worse than other clubs. The final 12% only visit the client casino. This is the format you will use in many of your club survey questions.

So, we know that 24% of our members think other clubs are better than ours. Now, we want to ask them why. The top three reasons, as shown in the chart below for this client, are comps, promotions, and tier rewards. That type of reliable data shows you exactly where you need to analyze your program and compare it with what your competitors are doing.

Satisfaction vs. Importance

A second type of question that is very valuable to include in a club survey is a comparison chart of satisfaction with different attributes of your club, and a ranking of those same attributes by how important each one is in choosing a casino to visit.

This also uses the five-point Likert scale with two negatives, middle neutral, and two positives. The scale is from 1-5, with one being lowest. Following is a sample chart from another club survey that Raving conducted showing how the data looks like.

These are some ways that you can get actionable, reliable data about your club. With the right information, you’ll see how your club compares with your competition, find out how satisfied your members are with different attributes of your club, and understand what you need to do to improve.

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