Seek to Find the Highest Purpose in Life and Work

Truth in Work and Energy Signatures

Ever watch “The Antiques Road Show?”  People bring in their old, dusty stuff from the attic and ask an appraiser if it is worth anything. Most of the time, it is just old junk but every once in a while, someone has a true gem. Some painting by a famous artist, or a vase from a Chinese dynasty. The show focuses on finding something very expensive and valuable in all the junk. It definitely gives cover for all those times you want to indulge your hoarding instincts and hold onto to that questionable item, just a bit longer.

There is often an acquisition story behind it. They picked it up at a garage sale years ago for pennies or the person’s great aunt worked for a wealthy family that gifted her a chest of drawers they no longer wanted. Maybe the aunt passed it down in the family and now it is being stored in the back of the attic with tacky Santa decorations, a baseball glove from kindergarten t-ball and a dead plant. It is covered in a thick layer of dust that has been smeared away before hauling it to the show. The appraiser then gives this assessment of the history of the artist or manufacturer, and you can see the eyes of the people growing wider because they realize it must be of value. They are holding their breath hoping that a big dollar number will come out of the appraiser’s mouth. They can barely stand to wait through the prattling historical narrative. Understandably, they are desperately hoping that this piece that was junk yesterday will be a financial solution today.

But, the end of the show comes. The chest of drawers sells for up to $100,000 at auction and there are tears of joy and hugs as the family takes in the magnitude of the windfall. Clearly, this money will make life easier. Maybe it will pay off some debts, buy a new car, or pay for a nice vacation, and regardless of our circumstances, we all celebrate with this family’s lucky break!

What Happens After?

I often wondered what happens to these “drawers.” Who buys them and what becomes of them after? Most likely it is sold to a wealthy person that “appreciates” the artistry of the piece. Perhaps it sits in a spot of honor in an expensive home and is now dusted by another attentive caretaker. It is kind of a full circle moment. It has returned to the same type of location it started.

So, what’s the lesson? Everything holds a purpose or an energy, even us. Every project has an intention, every person a unique character and skills. For anything or anyone of us to be at our highest and best, we must come back to the place that resonates and honors the truth of our design. I notice in business we often come across hot proposals. Ideas are shouted out in board rooms. Boutique hotels are all the rage!  People love raffle items! Cat videos will sell anything! (Actually, that may be true.)  We think about the latest and the greatest and the most stylish version of what we think will get us a boost or big win. Yet, our enthusiasm or perhaps our desperation can cloud a better question. The better question is … what is the energy signature of this circumstance?

Balancing the Esoteric with the Efficient

Science tells us that everything maintains a specific vibrational energy unique to its electromagnetic signature. Everything – it’s physics, I promise. At a particular resonance, the material reacts producing a vibration. Civil engineers consider this when building bridges. A very specific resonance of tires on the road could send the whole thing into the river, or a crystal glass could shatter from a particular high note. To get the best effect, everything has to be designed by considering the resonance of the material’s core properties.

To be successful, we need to take that same philosophy into our lives and work. What resonates with our customers?  What is the highest use of this team member’s natural abilities and work history? What is in alignment with the highest and best good at present? Sometimes the path looks aspirational, or flashy, exciting, and sexy. Great!  Sometimes it honors the hardship or humble nature of the situation – also great!

I remember talking with a marketing team for a memory care nursing home. They served vulnerable populations during their final days. They had a flashy brochure with hip, cool elderly people dancing with earbuds and iPods. The ads were fantastically fun! Except – they weren’t increasing sales.

After some deep discussion and soul-searching, they shifted the brochures to reflect the company’s ability to meet the needs of their residents, and their sales numbers increased. While the first brochures were flashy and cool, they didn’t honor the truth of their customer’s needs. Their original marketing material was catering to fantastical hopes of youthful aging to abate their real fears of loss. When the marketing shifted to honor, respect, and support the people that were at a vulnerable point near the end of their lives, it resonated with those they served and made a promise of safety and security with the visual storytelling they chose.

So, stop and pause. Ask yourself what your energy signature looks like? Are you a treasured chest of drawers, proudly displayed and appreciated in your efforts and legacy? Or are you hiding your hopes away behind fear and locking yourself in a vault to be “protected” from any challenges or change.

Passion and meaning resonate with your values, so take the time to slow down and listen with an open mind and a conscious heart. Seek to understand what the highest and best use of your time is with every task. When you begin to implement authentic solutions, you’ll know it’s “working” as the pieces begin to click or resonate. Don’t be afraid to search for the solutions that allow your truth to sing aloud and serve your most authentic purpose.

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