TG&H Value Add: Audit Checklist for Hospitality Departments

When’s the last time you did a health check for your individual operational gaming and hospitality departments? With so many changes during the last two and a half years, it’s time to take a step back, get some insight from team members, and walk your departments.

Each quarter we’ll be supplying our readers with this value add. In this issue, Raving Partner Brett Magnan developed the following checklist for hospitality departments.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing …

Department: Restaurants

  • Are your dining reservation parameters set up for optimization?
  • Is your messaging correct on the website, menus and signage?
  • Are you balancing service to match the varying behaviors of those guests who are more or less comfortable in this current state of COVID-19?
  • How are you handling menus? Cleaning? Condiments?
  • Are menu prices accurate?

Department: Bars

  • Are you managing service timing expectations with labor shortages?
  • Is bar top spacing still required?
  • Is the handling of ice, fruit and straws acceptable to your guests?

Department: Hotel Front Desk

  • Are hybrid check-in and check-out processes still necessary?
  • Do you have long lines and are guests waiting too long?
  • Is the guest experience matched with your stated quality level?
  • Do your guests feel welcomed and thanked?
  • Are you collecting the right information?

Department: Reservations

  • Is the reservation process simple enough?
  • Are you collecting the right data once and not repeatedly?
  • Are you fully communicating the available amenities and expected experience prior to arrival?
  • Are your rates optimized correctly?
  • Do you know the full cost of each reservation?

Department: Purchasing and Receiving

  • Are you purchasing at the correct (best) prices?
  • What are you doing about the supply chain issues?
  • When is the last time you audited costs from your purveyor, supplier, or purchasing agent?
  • Are you experiencing an adequate variation in inventories month-to-month?
  • How far ahead are you looking when purchasing items for your property?

Department: Spa

  • Have the protocols changed with therapists and estheticians appropriate to the changes in COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Is your intake form appropriate and correct?
  • Have services and amenities available changed?

Department: Guest Rooms and Housekeeping

  • Will and should daily housekeeping service return?
  • What creative ways have you implemented to clean rooms with a severe shortage in available and willing housekeepers?
  • Are your housekeepers happy? Can you retain them?
  • What amenities have and should return? Which will not?
  • How clean are your rooms, and does that standard match with your guests’ expectations?

Department: Maintenance

  • Does your PM program adequately maintain your property?
  • Is it more efficient to handle maintenance in-house completely, or are there outside services that should be considered?
  • How have rising costs affected your decision in maintaining, updating and improving your property?
  • How “broken” does it have to be before you fix or replace something?

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