Augustine Casino Acknowledging Frontline Workers with Life-Changing “Hero” Pay

Our feature interview for our Fall 2021 issue focuses on a casino, once called the “”the most modest casino in the Palm Springs area” and is owned by one of the smallest Tribes in the nation with the youngest Tribal members.

Today TG&H Executive Editor interviews Jef Bauer, General Manager, Augustine Casino in Southern California.

Recently, Augustine Casino sent out a press release about how they used special funds to recognize essential team members with “Hero Pay.” For some frontline workers, that added up to more than half a year’s salary. Read the press release here.

Bauer explains the program and how they were also able to recognize every team member in their organization in this very heartwarming interview.

Augustine Casino was also the first to close last year in their area and the last to open due to the pandemic and has remained steadfast in their commitment to protecting guests and team members, even though it has impacted the bottom line. Bauer talks about those measures, including their commitment to stay non-smoking.

Poised for whatever may come their way that may impact gaming and nimble on their feet, Bauer shares the Tribe’s business diversification efforts including their investment in an organic farm; a three megawatt solar power plant; and Synergy Blue, a gaming manufacturing company.

Much thanks to Augustine Casino and General Manager Jef Bauer for sharing about their Hero Pay Program and how this small but mighty Tribe is meeting the challenges of our changing world.