Understanding AAA Diamonds and “Inspected Clean”

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Now more than ever, guests want peace of mind when choosing where to stay. AAA has enhanced their inspections with ATP surface testing, the same technology used to verify cleanliness in the healthcare and food service industries. Inspected Clean hotels have passed inspections with ATP surface testing, so you can rest assured that your room is as clean as possible.

  • In all hotel listings that included a AAA Diamond Designation and have been ATP surface tested, they will have the “Inspected Clean” digital badge next to the diamond designation.
  • Inspectors will measure eight surfaces in randomly selected guest rooms and bathrooms during each inspection. Each property must achieve AAA’s acceptable surface testing pass rate of 75 percent or more.
  • This new step gives guests and hotel operators scientific validation that hotel cleaning protocols are effective with the AAA trusted inspection process.


ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, the energy molecule that exists in all living cells. Thus, ATP testing equipment is used in the healthcare, food service and other industries to measure the amount of this molecule for health and safety precautions. It is important to note that ATP testing simply means testing for this energy molecule and does not detail a particular organism or if an allergen is present.

ATP bioluminescence testing is a way for us to quickly determine the amount of organisms present through the detection of ATP. This can be found by measuring the light produced through ATP’s reaction with luciferase, a natural firefly enzyme. The more light that is produced by using the luminometer is indicative of the quantity of ATP in the sample. While this science is constantly expanding into new fields, this type of biologic testing has existed for 50 years.

What are AAA Diamond Distinctions?

Midwest Pathogend Services has been working with hotel operators to implement standard ATP testing in their operations. Additionally, Midwest Pathogend Services provides pre and post-ATP tests with all its reports when hotels and resorts receive its proprietary process and technology service two to four times per year. Tribal gaming and hospitality operators have found Midwest Pathogend Services to be a valuable service provider for their hotel operations throughout the region over the last three years. Call today to learn more about how Midwest Pathogend Services is helping hotel operators navigate these new standards and protocols of organizations such as AAA and others. 888-505-7032 or info@midwest-pathogend.com