Three Reasons to Make Your Move on Prism VXP™

Sponsored Content By Incredible Technologies (IT)

Incredible Technologies (IT) is ushering in the next generation of Incredible innovation with the launch of its new platform and core cabinet, Prism VXP™. Prism VXP redefines the expectations of core gaming because the designs, both inside and out, are undeniably premium. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, Prism VXP has arrived to move the gaming experience into a new era. The company’s G2E show tagline “Make Your Move” urges operators to get the latest Incredible gaming on their slot floors. Here’s why they should:

1. It moves.

That’s right, the Prism VXP debuts as the first core cabinet in the industry to integrate physical movement into gameplay. The 55” VXP display glides upward by utilizing a commercial-grade motor to physically expand to extend game play by over 13 inches – it’s Vertical eXPansion. The monitor springs to life to expand the gameplay canvas for bonus events like extended reels or bonus features, as well as big win celebrations. Guests seated at the game are served an unexpected gaming experience while passersby do a double take: “is that game moving?” The undeniable curb appeal of the Prism VXP has proven to attract a crowd and drive coin-in, no matter its height.

2. Dynamic bank configurations fit a dynamic slot floor.

With product launches like the Simple Sign Kit® and Infinity V55 Edge™ under its belt, Incredible Technologies couldn’t disappoint customers by bringing a new cabinet to G2E without compatible innovative signage solutions. The slim 4K PrismFlex Edge™ display pairs seamlessly with the Prism VXP for cohesive high-definition branding opportunities. The Prism VXP features an integrated game stand, while the PrismFlex Edge rests on a curved pedestal to create space between games and allow for countless other configurations. With 105 degrees of movement, thanks to PrismFlex Edge technology, operators can pivot banks from a wall into a carousel, and from a triangle into an iconic Sawtooth, all without ordering any new parts. PrismFlex monitors placed between games and on endcaps run custom casino marketing, game attract videos and can sync across multiple cabinets with game-controlled video, creating stunning curb-appeal attract modes. As slot floors are perpetually in flux, your hardware can be, too.

3. A proven catalog of themes backs the innovative hardware.

Like all IT core games, they must be rigorously tested before making their debut for sale. Themes were deployed in Q2 2021 at select test locations to ensure that themes attract players and math drives coin-in. Prism VXP launch game families bring brand new features to a canvas that’s bigger and better than ever. UpShot™ titles Brilliant 7’s™ and Prosperity Rising™ mix a classic casino theme and Eastern-inspired art package, respectively, with an interactive pinball bonus to maximize the cabinet’s expansion feature. Pinwheel Prizes™ themes, Cat & Tiger™ and Majestic Oasis™, showcase persistent-state features with upgraded prizes that stick until they’re won. IT is also bringing a new, upgraded twist to the smash-hit Ultra Rush Gold™ game family with Ultra Rush Gold X™! The Asian warrior-themed titles Wei Yi™ and Bingwen™ feature a lock and spin bonus with a larger bonus grid available at higher denominations and progressives at any bet. Power Push™ games, Shiseijuu Fortunes™ and Lóng de Xǐyuè, bring a popular carnival-style game to casinos by utilizing the expansion feature for a coin-pusher bonus for credit and progressive prizes. Prism VXP hardware captures player attention while a variety of themes and features cater to any player looking for a new favorite game. Strong performance data backs each new game family for confident placement on casino floors.

Prism VXP is the future of Incredible gaming. It’s time to “Make Your Move” and see this one in person – stop by Booth 4047 at G2E.