Jeannie Hovland’s Journey: From the Coat Room to Leading Tribal Gaming Innovation

In our next interview from Ainsworth Live powered by Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine, Raving and CDC Gaming Reports, Vice-Chair of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) Jeannie Hovland traces her remarkable journey from humble beginnings to pivotal initiatives in tribal gaming.

Tribes Are Leading in the Industry

From her start in the coat room of the Royal River Casino Hotel – a significant milesone for her Tribe (Flandreau Santee Sioux) as the first Class III Gaming Operation – to the present, Hovland emphasizes the transformative role played by Tribes over these last decades. Tribal gaming has not only provided critical resources for tribal communities but has also fueled job creation and economic growth in surrounding areas.”Being able to see so many of our gaming operations across the United States and how our Tribes are really leading in this industry,” Hovland shares, “The positive impacts that tribal gaming has brought to tribal communities, the surrounding communities, its very diverse.”

NIGC Urges Preparedness Against New Threats

Speaking to today’s challenges, Hovland shares the NIGC’s proactive stance on preparedness, placing cybersecurity at the forefront of its agenda. Through strategic site visits, accountability assessments, and symposiums, the agency is actively addressing vulnerabilities and provides training and technical support to fortify tribal gaming operations against these growing threats.