Camille Mercier on Next Steps in Gaming and “Quick, Easy, Attainable” Program Rollout

In our final round of interviews from the Ainsworth Live News Deck powered by Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine, Raving and CDC Gaming Reports, Camille Mercier, CEO of Spirit Mountain Casino reflects on growing up in the industry, performing in a mature market, and a new incentive program with impressive results.

Performing in a Mature Market

Growing up in gaming, Mercier has watched the Oregon market from its start, noting how the industry at large has evolved over the past 30 years. “I don’t know if anyone really knew what gaming was, or what it could do for a nation of people,” Mercier reflects.

In Oregon, where gaming is a mature market, Mercier stresses the importance of staying ahead of the competition. “The challenges we have today certainly aren’t the challenges we had close to 30 years ago,” Mercier observes. “It’s mature, competition is mighty, we can’t underestimate the state lottery … it’s a different game.”

Master Planning with a Guest-Centric Approach

Looking ahead, Mercier envisions the future of gaming centered on convenience, ease, and personalized experiences for guests. “How do we want to master plan moving forward?” she poses, highlighting the importance of strategic planning. With new opportunities in secondary markets, Mercier emphasizes the need for diversification through initiatives like adding Top Golf at their property and targeting new demographics.

Quick, Easy, Attainable – A New Rewards Program Fuels Engagement

Aimed to reduce absenteeism, Spirit Mountain Casino rolled out a new team member program rewarding perfect attendance over a two week period with gas vouchers. The program saw impressive results, as Mercier states, “Last year, we’ve been consistent between 84-87% of our employees having perfect attendance.”

Mercier adds that the program not only benefits team members but also yields significant returns for the organization. “It has a big ROI,” Mercier adds, “It’s incentive based and short-term,” Mercier explains on the flexibility of the program. “It’s quick, easy and attainable.” The program has not only positively impacted call-outs but has also reduced turnover and enhanced team morale.

Applying the Platinum Rule and Looking Ahead

Looking ahead for the organization, Mercier and the team at Spirit Mountain Casino are focused on meeting guest demands, creating a seamless experience with technology, and bolstering support for guests and team members alike. “I take from my tribal background that we really take care of our own.” Mercier concludes, “Are we really taking care of others in the ways that are meaningful to them?”