Three Areas of Marketing Influence that Can Help Your Organization

Reinvestment, communication and promotions

What are some things marketing can do to help begin the long process of returning to profitability and production? Let’s look at the three areas of reinvestment, communication and promotions.


During closure, if you didn’t make changes to your reinvestment strategy there is still time to do this. This is not the time to continue over reinvesting in your guests. Stop trying to buy loyalty! In observing and talking with casinos that have already opened, there is no need to over incentivize to get people to come to your property. Many casinos, if not dealing with lines or crowds, still have a steady flow of guests. Patrons want to get out of the house. They have missed their favorite hangouts. Now is the perfect time to right the ship of over-reinvestment.

Look at the opportunities to make adjustments, even minor ones. You can start with a deep analysis now of your reinvestment and see where you need to pull back. This includes all DM offers. If you only have grab-and-go available for food options, why would you continue to issue even your best players a $200 weekly food coupon? Adjust your food offers to reflect what you have available right now. Follow the mantra: it’s easier to add than take away.

Clear Communication

The human brain is an amazing and complex organ. One of the things team members will experience when they return is learning loss. They will forget how to use various systems, policies and procedures (both old and new) because they haven’t exercised this “muscle memory” for an extended period of time.

Your guests will be the same. They will need additional guidance on not only all of the new policies and procedures your property has had to implement because of Covid-19, but reminders on how kiosks work, promotion updates, and let’s not forget to mention how many will have to reset their pin number! Make sure there are plenty of available team members on the floor to help, as well as signage (both front and back of house). Update your website and Facebook pages as well.

Just as important, make sure your team has all of the updated information. You need to go beyond signage, emails, and posted memos. As our world changes, senior management will be making changes in phases as well. Marketing can meet with management in each department, first, to explain the updates and changes.

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