Are You a Duck or an Eagle?

If you expect to have a bad day, you won’t be disappointed!

Hello from Big Sky Country , Montana!

I have the privilege of working with gaming and hospitality teams across the country, and no matter what we’re talking about, guest service, leadership, player development … the success of any program, comes down to the spirit of every individual on that team.

The power of one, baby.

Years ago, I read this story that I’m sharing with you in this video. It’s about the power of choice and taking ownership. How truly believing in the power of service will make a difference. We all know this, but sometimes, we wake up, we start our day, we go to work, and only see the negative. What’s not in our control, what is wrong with others.

Here is a story about an immaculate cab, ducks, and eagles, and how we all can soar high, even in times of adversity.

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