Enhanced Cleaning is Not Going to Go Away

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Did you choose the right system for the future?

By Chris Schultheis, M.S., President, Midwest Pathogend Services

Did you think your additional efforts (and expense) to keep your gaming and hospitality spaces clean and safe was temporary?

Welcome to the new reality.

If we thought “enhanced cleaning” would be a temporary protocol, not so. It’s now the number one expectation of every guest moving forward.

Is there really a science-based solution or were we sold snake oil (or maybe something that just isn’t good enough)?

A year ago, organizations scrambled to find the best systems for both their gaming areas and hotel rooms to ensure their guests and team members were protected.

Organizations are using everything from UV lights and manual sprayings that leave residue to electrostatic systems … from sanitizing every few hours to keeping their spaces closed for hours, taking our “product” out of inventory.

Again, what does the science tell us? And what is the most effective, efficient, and affordable product and procedure so we can concentrate on our business?

Chris Schultheis, M.S., Managing Partner of Midwest Pathogend Services spoke with TG&H Executive Editor Christine Faria (click here for video) recently about:

  • The different products in the market now – the pros and cons and what are “too good to be true” cleaners
  • What’s the difference between a 99.9 and a 99.9999% kill rate and should we really worry about it?

Outbreaks of MRSA, Legionnaires, C. diff (much harder to kill than COVID) happened in some facilities around the country, but it wasn’t front page news

According to Schultheis, before COVID-19, our gaming spaces, hotel rooms, workout rooms, shuttle busses and our F&B outlets were vulnerable to infectious disease transmission, super bugs or odor causing bacteria.

Priro to COVID, Midwest Pathogend was already the go-to solution helping organizations, including the Cherokee Nation Entertainment, find the right solutions.

Did you invest in the wrong product? Should you buy equipment or have a service contract?

Schultheis explains, “We have a product that, unlike UV or manual sprayers, will cover more surface space in a little amount of time with the highest kill rate. That’s what you want. We have the science that backs this up and it is tested after each visit. When it comes to buying your own equipment and training your staff to use it, that’s an option. But, in this case, calling in the professionals, who know your property and can expediently do the job routinely that can be a much better and often cost effective solution.”

Have doubts about your current system? Not sure what to do? Get a free, no-hassle evaluation with Midwest Pathogend Services

We know you just want to find a solution once in for all. With the urgency during closing and re-opening during the last several months, some organizations had to move very quickly to protect their guests and staff. Taking another look, making sure your investment is the right one, is worth a quick conversation. Email or call today.

Special Offer for Tribal Oklahoma Organizations

Midwest Pathogend’s home state and corporate office is located in Oklahoma. The team at Midwest is pleased to offer Tribal organizations in Oklahoma a special rate for services rendered from now until December 2021 to explore the technology and benefits of this unique application that has been applied and proven in other hotels and resorts around the country.

For example, Cherokee Nation Entertainment has found several uses for Midwest Pathogend Services protocols, processes, and advanced technology.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK is currently using this technology to disinfect and deodorize guest rooms on a routine basis CNE also takes advantage of this technology in their gym facilities, spa areas, and food and beverage areas.

Once the treatment is completed, decals and tent marketing pieces are left behind to educate guests and reassure them of the extraordinary efforts made on their behalf. Additionally, they have found that hydrogen peroxide is a natural deodorizer and have found this technology to be useful for other applications and challenges found in hotels.

Bringing up some questions for you? Get a complimentary audit today!

Is your current product and method strong enough to kill hospital super bugs and rooms of any size yet versatile enough to treat transport vehicles, such as ambulances, buses, shuttles, airplanes and more? Is it safe for your team members and guests?

Chris Schultheis, M.S. of Midwest Pathogend Services can be reached at info@midwest-pathogend.com or 888-505-7032. He is providing a free, no strings-attached phone audit to talk about your current system. On-site audits are also available.