TG&H Interactive Webinar: Finley & Cook – Heads or Tails! Auditing Revenue is more than a Coin Toss!

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We often evaluate our business decisions simply by calling them a success or a failure. The idea that those are the only options make it nothing more than a coin toss. Author Yvan Byeajee says “Risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin.” When we evaluate our casino as it relates to risk, we will only find success or opportunity. Both wins!

The activities of your operation and financial reporting intersect at Revenue Audit. The risks associated with Revenue Audit are often overlooked because our team gets in the habit of just going through the motions. A major risk for Revenue Auditors – or worse, Casino Management – is not understanding how vital their role is to the overall success of the casino. This leads to reviews not being completed property, compliance issues, and potentially misstated financial statements – just to name a few issues. Join us to discuss these risks in greater detail, evaluate potential remedies, and ultimately ensure Revenue Audit results are either a success or an opportunity – never failure!