Don’t Order Masks and Hand Sanitizer from China and Get on a Waiting List

Get your hand sanitizer (U.S. made and FDA certified) and quality masks within a week

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Casino across the U.S. and Canada are prepping to open. Guidelines are changing daily and depending on the county, many businesses are required to provide masks for team members and guests. Operators are spending hours upon hours trying to procure the right equipment for re-opening and to keep their doors open.

We have the masks and hand sanitizers you need right now, sitting in our warehouse in the U.S. ready to ship.

We have supplied the Ford Motor Company with over 700K masks, as well as several casinos, hotels, National Laboratories and Los Alamos, to name a few. Please see the quotes in this article from our satisfied casino clients.

“We are so happy we used a custom label on a hand sanitizer bottle. Our guests love having the extra protection and convenience of their own bottles. We feel offering a convenient hand sanitizer for our customers has helped make our customers feel safe, and that we are doing our part. 

“We are so happy we made the decision to order hand sanitizers and mask from Global Direct before we opened up. The process was simple, easy and very convenient for us. I received everything in a few days of ordering.”

Mark Montoya, Regional General Manager, Heritage Hotels & Resorts

Benefits of Ordering Domestic through Global Direct

  1. You don’t have to wait 30 – 45 days. We have hand sanitizer and masks in the U.S. right now that are compliant with American CDC recommendations, and FDA certified. Learn More About Compliant PPEs and Hand Sanitizers
  2. Shipments of your three-ply masks will leave our warehouse within three business days of ordering … we have over a million masks in our San Francisco warehouse.
  3. Shipments of individual and larger-sized hand sanitizers leave our warehouse within three business days of ordering and within seven days with your custom, private logo label applied. By the way … we will create the label for you.
  4. With Global Direct, you do not pay more for quality sanitizer that’s made in the U.S. You’ll find our products are less than your standard vendor and they can be customized with your logo and your message.
  5. You do not pay more because the masks made in China are already here in the U.S. They are available now. How many of you are waiting now for masks to clear customs? Because we are a large company, we had disposable, three-ply FDA and CE certified masks already in stock and placed over a million mask order before there were shortages.

Global Direct - U.S. sourced PPE products

Look, no one knows how long we will be required to wear masks but using personal hand sanitizer will be a new requirement to feel safe; everyone will use hand sanitizer.

We understand that guests feel some comfort seeing your team wiping everything down, but what’s going to make them feel the safest to stay and play? Their own mask and their own hand sanitizer. You can provide masks and customized personal sized bottles to your guests when they are walking into your casino and/or you can have them waiting in their hotel room in a larger size … with your custom label if you prefer.

You have many choices but there are a lot of vendors that are just now placing overseas orders for casinos and hotels. With Global Direct, you don’t have to wait for quality products.

“We are excited to offer custom hand sanitizer to our guests. I feel customers are going to be very happy and feel safe when we offer them a convenient hand sanitizer bottle of their own when they walk in the casino. And it makes our employees feel safe knowing the consumers have their own bottle of hand sanitizer.

Thanks so much Global Direct for helping us get the correct PPE Equipment.”

Chris Chavez, Front Desk Manager, Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder

We know you’re planning for today and for the long run. I’d love to have a chat with you so you will know that I know my business, we stand by our product and I’ll get you your product within a week.

Give me a call or an email today at globaldirect6@gmail.comI work when you work.


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