An Eating Challenge Fit for the Biggest Fans!

Americans are known for their big appetites and willingness to try almost anything, and a new eating challenge at Snoqualmie Café and Deli at Snoqualmie Casino is here to test that willingness.

Snoqualmie Casino’s new 12s Fanburger is a dish dedicated to Seattle football fans who, win or lose, are famous for being the best fans in the NFL. The tradition of the 12s recognizes fans so passionate about their team that their cheering can change the outcome of a football game, making Seahawks fans the “12th man” on the football field.

To honor all 12s as well as to give die hard food challenge enthusiasts an opportunity to add another notch to their belt, Snoqualmie Café and Deli recently announced the addition of the “12s Fanburger Challenge” to their menu. Containing 12 quarter pound all beef patties, 12 slices of American cheese, 12 pieces of bacon, 6 ounces of Cheez Whiz to symbolize the iconic Snoqualmie Falls, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and café sauce, the 12s Fanburger isn’t for the faint at heart. If that isn’t enough to temp the taste buds, the burger is nestled among 12 pickle spears, 1.5 pounds of French fries, and 12 onion rings.

Snoqualmie Casino debuted the “12s Fanburger Challenge” in November with a contest, pitching two die-hard Seahawks fans head-to-head for the prize of two premium field seats at an end of season home game. The goal of the challenge is to consume the entire 12s Fanburger platter within the allotted time of 36 minutes. What makes 36 minutes special? You may have figured out 36 does divide by 12.  True Seattle fans will appreciate the significance of the quotient in this simple math problem (hint: Seattle’s star quarterback’s number).

The week prior to the debut, the social media team at Snoqualmie Casino put the “12s Fanburger Challenge” out to its followers on both Instagram and Facebook to see if any brave souls were willing to be the first to give it a shot. Bryan Stepaniuk from North Bend and Jeremy Froelicher from Everett accepted the challenge.

Both competitors showed up with only one thing in mind…claiming the title….AND the tickets! To insure a fair competition, the culinary team weighed the plates prior to the contest and again at the end to determine a winner in the event that neither competitor finished the entire meal. Throughout the duration of the competition, the two men gave it everything they had. Bryan came with a true strategy of consuming the burger first while Jeremy took the approach of working on the burger but grabbing some fries and onion rings along the way. Both strategies were sound but in the end, Bryan came out victorious consuming four pounds of food to Jeremy’s three.  Bryan and Jeremy deserve huge accolades for effort and determination, so much so, that they were both awarded field tickets and an exclusive 12s Fanburger finishers t-shirt.

The “12s Fanburger Challenge” is currently on the menu at Snoqualmie Café and Deli and is available to anyone that wants to see if they have what it takes to consume almost seven pounds of America’s favorite foods.  Game tickets will not be on the line for the effort, but Snoqualmie Casino will make sure successful contenders walk away with the prized limited edition t-shirt.

Not in the mood for a giant cheeseburger platter? Snoqualmie Café and Deli is open 24 hours and offers breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, and more.

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