Aristocrat’s Customer Experience Solutions

Written By Guest Author Cath Burns — Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.

Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is “Your Partner in Entertainment Experiences.” ATI re- aligned their Systems division to mobilize a Customer Experience Solutions team, combining years of leadership experience with a foundation of best practices for putting the customer first.

Aristocrat’s Customer Experience (CX) Solutions team is dedicated to offering entertainment solutions and services that provide exceptional customer experiences. From ideation to delivery, we strive to walk in our casino customer’s shoes, to develop unique and engaging solutions and enhanced experiences, that support customers’ success. Building solutions with customers and employees in mind, enables customers to focus on having fun, while ensuring that employees are equipped to drive the customer’s journey. Aristocrat’s CX platform goes further to measure interactions in real-time, providing actionable, data-based insights to help customers increase revenue, optimize operations, and drive patron acquisition and retention.

COVID-19 has accelerated the need to make the gaming floor safer while still delivering a great entertainment offer. To support customers in delivering this confidence, the Customer Experience Solutions team has redesigned their solution roadmap around three pillars: cleanliness, cashless and mobile.

IN THE CLEAR is the first solution launching under the cleanliness pillar. This solution provides dynamic enforcement of social distancing based on patron play at an EGM. By disabling the machines next to the patron’s selected game, the patron can play with the assurance that no one will be seated next to them. When they finish play, their machine will disable for cleaning and the surrounding machines will re-enable to allow play. Employees carry FloorFocusTM, a mobile servicing app, that notifies them when a game is disabled for cleaning. As soon as the EGM is sanitized, it is enabled and ready to entertain the next patron. Additional features for FloorFocus are coming soon.

The next pillar, cashless, is more important than ever before. COVID-19 has rapidly advanced the adoption, approval, and acceptance of e-wallet solutions across the industry. Available today, Aristocrat’s Oasis 360TM platform provides a card-based cashless feature to limit the need for cash handling by customer and employees. Aristocrat is partnering globally with multiple e-wallet providers to offer a seamless e-wallet experience. Operators will have the flexibility to choose their payment partners. This e-wallet is accessible to customers via Aristocrat’s white label Oasis PlayerMaxTM – an operator-branded mobile app downloadable to the player’s personal device. Using this app, a customer can add and remove money from their e-wallet, connect to EGMs on the gaming floor and transfer money to and from the EGMs. The e-wallet can also be used away from the gaming floor and meets all anti-money laundering and large cash transaction regulatory requirements.

Whether at home, at a resort, or on the gaming floor, Aristocrat is helping customers deliver patrons the best possible experience and seamless enjoyment. This culminates in Aristocrat’s third pillar, mobile. For customers, the mobile app reduces the need to interact with physical devices on the gaming floor and facilitates all aspects of the patron journey. This includes offsite free-to-play gaming, onsite marketing programs via Oasis LoyaltyTM, bonusing via ONE LINKTM, cashless transacting and host facilitation via the above-mentioned FloorFocus. For employees, the FloorFocus mobile app provides insight to operations on the gaming floor, and the ability to facilitate service requests and communicate with patrons. These solutions are facilitated by the Oasis 360 platform and a mobile customer and employee app ecosystem. The foundation is built on the industry-leading data management platform and a

mobilefirst philosophy that follows the tenants of: simple, consistent, and fun user experience design. Additional solutions will be released under these pillars in the coming months.

The Aristocrat Customer Experience Solutions team is dedicated to designing, developing, operationalizing and supporting your success. We:

  • are always evolving our roadmap based on the requirements of your business, so we welcome your feedback at any time;
  • offer custom development services to support your innovation and deliver solutions unique to your operation;
  • offer resources in project management, training, technical services and 24/7 support to ensure all projects are delivered exceeding your expectations.

For more information on Aristocrat’s Customer Experience Solutions team, please contact your sales representative, your customer success representative or email