Welcoming Chris Archunde: Elevating Gaming and Hospitality Excellence

Raving CEO Deana Scott welcomes Chris Archunde, Raving's newest Partner. Chris brings 23 years of gaming and hospitality experience packaged with enterprise-wide project management, contract negotiation skills, marketing and performance strategy. 

With a diverse 23-year career in gaming, hospitality and entertainment that spans across the US, from New Mexico to Puerto Rico and back, Chris Archunde brings a wealth of insights and experience to her role. Raving CEO Deana Scott offers a "full circle" welcome to Chris Archunde, Raving's new Partner specializing in Strategic Operations & Marketing Performance.

"It's my pleasure to announce Chris' return," Deana Scott shares. "Her expertise in marketing and strategic operations is truly noteworthy. She's a valuable resource for gaming and hospitality teams seeking to elevate their performance."

Cultivating Success Through Your Team's Strengths

Archunde leading a discussion on multi-channel marketing at the recent Casino Marketing & Technology Conference.

Guided by strategic insights and a talent for optimizing performance and motivating colleagues, Chris aims to instill confidence within gaming operations, empowering team members to reach their fullest potential. "My role is to assist organizations in recognizing their innate strengths," Chris explains. "Often, they are closer to success than they realize. I want to provide the assurance that they are on the right track or help them pivot if necessary."

Chris' approach to executive management is marked by strong leadership and effective decision-making. Additionally, her aptitude for optimizing performance and motivating team members shines through in every aspect of her work. Her ability to envision success and develop innovative strategies is a key asset in her toolkit.

From Whiteboard to Boardroom

With over a decade of experience in executive management and operations, Chris has honed her skills in successful project management, financial negotiation, and contract implementation. Her expertise provides a solid foundation for facilitating competitive advantages.

As Chris embarks on this new chapter as a Raving Partner, her return signifies a purposeful collaboration. Her dedication and unique set of skills position her to make a lasting impact on gaming and hospitality teams nationwide.

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Connect with Chris to discuss your marketing and strategic goals, reach out to Kristine Woods at 808-645-6644 or email kristine@betravingknows.com.

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