Introducing CONTINUOUS IN-USE MARKETING™ from Kasher®

Affordable. Unique. Patented. Slick.

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Affordable. Unique. Patented. Slick.

Kasher® – “A Branded Marketing Product that People Actually Use”

The KASHER® lighter cover is not only a decoration, a conversation piece (with your logo on it) and a tool – it will add real value to the promotional and marketing gifts you currently offer by providing continuous, in-use marketing at an affordable price. You can GIFT loyal players with a unique, thoughtful, and useful Kasher® lighter tool and they’ll CONTINUE TO CARRY YOUR LOGO FOR YEARS TO COME!

Your logo will be visible to customers multiple times a day with the Kasher®, making it not just a great gift for your VIPs, but as a sought-after souvenir sale item for casino guests and c-store customers.

  • Studies show that over 30 million Americans use a lighter every day.
  • Not only does a customized Kasher lighter tool turn an ordinary lighter into a multipurpose tool, it also provides continuous brand exposure with every use.
  • The Kasher® lighter tool can be both a great promotional giveaway item or a sought-after consumer product to sell in your casinos, stores and properties.

SPECIAL OFFER for Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Subscribers

In recognition of Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine’s subscribers and as a supporter of Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Virtual Conference, we have an even better deal for casinos, gift shops and c-stores.

20% savings on our starter order of 500 custom Kasher® lighter tools, engraved with your logo. Each lighter tool is customized with your brand artwork and comes with a lighter and individual packaging. Check out our other packages below for even more savings.

  • 500 customized Kashers – $2,200 (20% savings)
  • 1000 customized Kashers – $4,200 (24% savings)
  • 2000 customized Kashers – $7,700 (30% savings)
  • 4500 customized Kashers – $15,975 (35% savings)


  • Kasher® lighter covers are a compelling combination of art and function. It is a sleek lighter cover tool, 100% reusable and providing for continuous, in-use marketing. Designed to fit and slide on a lighter, the Kasher® is a tool everyone asks about as soon as they see it, making your logo front and center
  • Kasher lighter covers are patented and are not only designed to be useful for smoking and other purposes, but made to be simple, sleek and aesthetic.  In reflection of this, registered Kasher slogans include Artwork For Your Lighter® and – for clients who want permanent in-use marketing for promotional purposes – Your Logo In Pants and Purses Worldwide®
  • Custom Kasher® lighter covers can feature designs, art and logos, as well as contact information, making the Kasher® both unique and utilitarian.
  • The simplicity of the design also minimizes manufacturing costs which makes Kashers cost-effective and more appealing to the promotional industry as gifts and giveaways.

WHY KASHER for Your Property?

  • People actually use them – many promo items can end up in the trash after a few uses, if they get used at all.
  • People carry them in their purse / pocket daily and show other customers in your area, helping drive extra foot traffic through your doors.
  • They last for years – providing lasting ROI on your marketing spend.

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