Chris Archunde Examines Technology’s Influence on Casino Marketing

With a 23-year-career in gaming spanning many markets, Chris Archunde is known for innovative marketing strategies and solutions in gaming. In today’s interview captured during the IGA Tradeshow & Convention, Chris offers her unique perspective on how technology is reshaping our marketing strategies.

“First, I’m excited about the attendance,” starts off Chris. With increasing numbers at IGA and other learning events, Archunde welcomes the next generation and up-and-coming marketers. “This is where your eyes get wide open,” she shares, “You challenge your team.” With emerging trends in technology on the agenda, Archunde advocates for change in our marketing approach.

“When you can get that market edge, run with it.”

Marketers are discovering fresh solutions to long-standing challenges in the opportunities technology provides. “You can now develop a true customer journey,” Archunde reflects, “That is more targeted than ever before.” From multi-channel campaigns to increased touch points, the technology advancements are vast. How can you be first in the market? “Stay informed,” Archunde says, “Keep an open mind what to bring into you marketing mix.”

The Magic of Tracking – Back Up Your Marketing with Data

Where marketing used to be about proving where marketing dollars were spent, now we can justify our budget and show revenue growth. Not only has tracking and analytics improved, but technology has made marketing more accessible and affordable. “Now with digital, I can get the brand consistent in lower-cost marketing splashes,” Archunde shares, “Combined with slot performance and the total property, you can really see how marketing moves the needle.”