Maximizing Tribal Revenues: The Role of Sports Betting and Future Trends

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Sports betting can significantly boost tribal nations’ revenues by attracting more players to their casino floors. It’s proven that having both a casino and a sportsbook on the property can greatly increase player value due to enhanced cross-selling opportunities. This expanded experience beyond traditional sports betting can lead to more sustainable income streams for tribal nations.

Entering the sports betting market presents challenges and opportunities for tribal casinos, especially when competing with commercial operators. Navigating regulatory and compliance requirements is a major hurdle, but partnering with experienced companies like Kambi can streamline the process. While tribes may not match the marketing budgets of commercial operators, they can leverage their brand strength, as well as their expertise in gaming and entertainment, to attract customers.

Setting up a sports betting operation requires unique considerations for tribal casinos, including technology and infrastructure needs. Kambi assists tribes in deploying on-premise servers and establishing data centers. Their technology offers competitive sportsbook platforms and strategic support before, during, and after launch, ensuring tribal partners can compete effectively.

Partnerships and collaborations are essential for success in the tribal gaming sports betting space, built on trust and aligned strategies. Kambi empowers tribes to execute their own strategies, whether focusing on retail, online, or a hybrid model. Kambi has a track record of facilitating successful partnerships with tribes including Potawatomi in Wisconsin, Ilani in Washington State, Seneca Gaming Corporation in New York, and Desert Diamond in Arizona.

Successful strategies for attracting customers to tribal sportsbooks include leveraging existing retail assets, maximizing cross-selling opportunities, and creating compelling player experiences. Customer retention is also crucial, with loyalty programs that offer rewards such as hotel stays, dining comps, and show tickets.

The future of sports betting in the tribal gaming space will likely see increased participation, particularly in the online sector following some favorable rulings on a federal level. Tribes are recognizing that online offerings complement rather than cannibalize retail businesses, providing additional engagement opportunities for players. Innovations in creating seamless omnichannel experiences will continue to drive success in the coming years.

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Kambi recently released its second edition of its Tribal Sports Betting Report, featuring data from Kambi’s powerful network of tribal operators and the growth they’ve displayed in the sports betting sector. Today, Kambi is live with multiple tribes across several states and has a proven track record of providing excellent sports betting services for tribal gaming operators including Potawatomi, Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, Desert Diamond Casinos, and Seneca Gaming Corporation, among others.

In this report, you’ll learn more about Kambi’s contributions to tribal operators in sports betting and the areas of growth they’ve displayed including the rise of same game parlays, when bettors reinvest their winnings, and on-property betting activity for large sporting events. Underlining this is data from Kambi’s tribal sports betting network, providing a snapshot of the current state of sports betting in Indian country and the potential success for operators looking to launch their own sportsbook.