Raving NEXT: A new generation of Tribal leaders seeks to forge new paths

The answers are simple: As for when, they’re in place now; as for where, anywhere there’s a Tribal community.

At the recent Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Strategic Operations & Leadership Conference at Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, three young Tribal leaders were introduced by Raving CEO and Owner Deanna Scott.

“We’re now seeing the first generation of Tribal council leaders who’ve grown up with gaming. This isn’t a new product,” said Scott during the session “Championing a New Era: The Influence of Next-Gen Tribal Leadership on the Evolution of Tribal Government and Gaming.”

“This isn’t a new development,” Scott continued. “Many of them have worked at the property. They’ve watched it grow. They’ve sat in the meetings fighting for it. And now they’re sitting in the Tribal council chair.”

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