How To Improve Health Outcomes for Your Tribal Organization

Do you want to improve the health outcomes for your Tribal organization while generating revenue and deferring costs?

If your Tribe recognizes the value of certain programs for your member/citizens but does not have a way to pay for it – there’s help and multiple ways to make a quick turn around on a long-term investment.

Let’s look at a couple of programs that are popular, Employee/Tribal health clinics and Pharmacies.

Employee/Tribal Health Clinic

Did you know that by being designated a “Tribal” clinic you qualify for special reimbursement from Medicaid?

  • The reimbursement/visit from a Tribal clinic for 2024 is $719/diem. If you weren’t a Tribal clinic, the average reimbursement for a Medicaid office visit ranges from $38-$65.
  • Approximately 40% of casino staff qualify for Medicaid and since the Tribal self-funded health plan is the payor of last resort, this both saves and makes the Tribe money. The clinic does not have to be open every day but staffing it will save you money.


Did you know that Tribes qualify for special reduced rate medications provided through their pharmacy from two sources?

  • The first is the NSSC VA Prime Vendor Program. This was the best you could find in cost savings about six to eight years ago and available to Tribal members only.
  • Tribes also qualify for the 340B program which applies to both Native and non-Native patients. The application takes less than 20 minutes to complete online. The savings on the medications is the highest in the industry and provides many options or choices that the IHS NSSC Prime Vender Program does not offer. Some price examples are Humira that costs over $7,000/month is available for purchase at 1 cent. Ozempic is also 1 cent. You can improve health outcomes with the new medications available and save money.

There are numerous grants offered by Indian Health Services for Tribes wanting to start new programs or clinics/pharmacies:

  • Professional staffing offers tuition forgiveness up to $100,000/year for providers.
  • Billing is also available at reasonable cost or you can train your members and create jobs.
  • You can choose a turn-key operation or one that grows with you and your team.
  • There are also 105 (l) Lease Agreements available to help offset costs.

Now is the time to take advantage of these programs. Check it out, it might not cost what you think it would. Face Rock can help you find funding or help develop programs to help defer cost and generate revenue to offset the cost.

For more information contact:

Karen Knight

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