Re-establishing Business Relationships

Priorities for the new year

Looking forward to 2024, one area that has been on my mind is “Re-establishing our business relationships.” We all know what we endured during the COVID-19 period. Yes, to a large extent we’ve gotten back to business. However, we’ve in many instances we lost that personal connection with many of our business relationships that we worked hard to develop and nurture over the years which benefit our respective tribes and businesses.

As an example, just today at our Twin Warriors Golf Club, our longtime Titleist & Foot-joy sales representative stopped by for an unannounced visit. He stopped by because he wanted to hand deliver some merchandise in person. Of course, he could have just mailed the merchandise and be done with it. But by him showing up in person to deliver and sit down for twenty minutes to catch up over a cup of coffee meant a lot to me. The simple fact that he made the time and effort to stop by is what I am talking about here. This little bit of extra effort is what business’s relationships are developed and built on. I know that in crunch time or when we are in a pinch that he will do everything in his power to get us what we need.

If you google or look up in the dictionary, (dictionary? Who uses that?) the word “Re-establish” you will find alternate words such as restore, renew, resume, recapitulate, anew and begin where we left off. All those words are exactly the point I’m making here. To many of us in leadership roles and positions, we must be aware of the importance of getting back to our business relationships so that our tribes and businesses will continue to prosper and be profitable for our true shareholders, our tribal citizens.

I attended several conferences and trade shows this past year and it was wonderful to reconnect and re-establish in person with great people who we have conducted business with over the years. Zoom meetings worked for what it was but isn’t it great to look someone in the eye, shake their hand, have a conversation, and part ways with a smile.

Best of luck in 2024 and I’ll see you soon!