Incredible Technologies Partners with Choctaw Nation Master Artist for New Gaming Device

Incredible Technologies (IT) has collaborated with an Indigenous Master Artist to produce a licensed Class II gaming device, marking the first collaboration of this kind.

As the casino gaming industry greatly benefits from Indian gaming, it’s important that manufacturers recognize the ways in which they canfurther support the tribes they serve. IT produces both Class II and Class III games for tribal customers, and upon reflecting on the partnerships the company has formed, employees saw an opportunity for further collaboration and added support.

IT’s Director of Central Determinate Gaming, Russell Witt, and Director of Central Sales and Tribal Relations, Jamison Hill, pitched the idea to the company’s development team. Both Hill and Witt manage many relationships throughout Indian Country wherever Tribes operate gaming facilities. Having seen first-hand the artwork and passion of Choctaw Nation Master Artist D.G. Smalling, they knew the project would have a tremendous impact.

“It’s been a passion of mine to find opportunities to further strengthen Tribal Sovereignty throughout Class II gaming,” said Witt. “When Jamison and I discussed the idea of collaborating with an Indigenous Artist, we decided to reach out to DG to gauge his interest. The initial impact and support the project has received from Tribes throughout Indian Country has been amazing. Our goal is to continue developing content with DG as well as other Indigenous Artists from different regions throughout Indian Country.”

Smalling is known for his single-line drawings, meaning his pen doesn’t leave the page until the entire outline of the figure is complete. The method produces extraordinary, unique works – unlike any art currently seen in gaming machines. The communication and collaboration needed from both parties was critical to ensure the integrity and style of Smalling’s art was maintained, even as it was imported into slot machine symbols and graphics. The modern slot floor players expect a vibrant, high definition reelset with animated figures and win celebrations. IT turned Smalling’s works into just that.

IT is combining one of its most successful brands, Ultra Rush Gold™, with Smalling’s art. Ultra Rush Gold Featuring the Art of D.G. Smalling™ is set to debut at the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Show in Booth 408 August 9-11 with its placement on gaming floors soon to follow. The title is available on the Infinity® V55™ and Summit™ cabinets, exclusively as a Class II game.

“Consistently, for years, I’ve found myself the only fine artist on gaming tradeshow floors,’’ said Smalling. “I understand the importance of this industry as the modern life-blood of Indian Country. Without it, we don’t have this Era of Reclamation.”

Both the company and Smalling see the potential for the project to expand beyond the initial game. Smalling recognizes the importance of the inaugural collaboration, calling for other Indigenous artists to recognize that they bring value to the industry.

“To be able to demonstrate that it is not only possible to actively participate in this vital industry is one thing, but to also demonstrate that there are allies for our creativity is formidable,” said Smalling. “Indian Country has clearly perfected gaming operations and now it is time to participate directly in development.”

For more information please visit or contact Director of Central Sales and Tribal Relations Jamison Hill