Turning Concert-Goers Into Loyal Players Club Members: How Your Showroom Can Pack Your Gaming Tables

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More guests at your events mean more players at your tables.

It’s Newton’s Third Law, right? When your entertainment events perform well, you are likely to see those results translate to your gaming floor. A stellar fan experience in your showroom can help build loyalty, grow your patron database, and positively impact your property’s bottom line.

Since the guest experience begins and ends with ticketing, here are four ways your event ticketing operations can help cultivate your casino’s member database.

1) Get to know your guests with detailed data and insights.

Your customer database is your most valuable asset and the #1 driver of recurring revenue. With Etix, our insights and analytics tools help segment customer data based on specific attributes like spending habits, interests, ticket redemption history, and more. Our Analytics Dashboard provides your most actionable customer data in one place so you can learn more about your customers and segment them into marketable groups. Our CRM tool, Etix Community, lets you track the entire customer journey, from the second they land on the ticket page to the ticket scan. See how it works!

We understand how crucial privacy is to your business. Unlike some ticketing companies, with Etix, your data is 100% owned by you and will only be used to sell tickets to your events.

2) Supercharge your ticketing with integrated marketing.

When event marketing decisions are driven by reliable data, you can increase conversions through customized event analytics, data optimization, digital advertising, email marketing, and more. The Etix platform provides regular, exportable ticket buyer data to better inform your organization’s marketing initiatives, including players club promotions. Track your sales by channel with Etix Partner IDs, Google Analytics, and conversion pixel tracking. And email campaigns are exponentially easier to execute thanks to Etix integrations with email marketing platforms.

3) Make it easy to be a fan!

A seamless fan experience can turn one-time guests into faithful, frequent patrons. Our consumer purchase process is simple and intuitive, and your customers are never more than four clicks away from buying a ticket. Because we know your fans are on their phones, our mobile ticketing purchase and entry options will delight your fans and streamline your door entry. Additionally, Etix helps reward your most loyal customers through our membership platform, providing and easy and safe way to distribute tickets to your players club members.

4) Lean on the power of partnerships.

Your casino has a performance venue to fill—and all the moving parts that go along with it. With Etix as your total ticketing partner, we can cover every aspect of ticketing and show marketing. Our industry-leading client support team is always available to answer questions, help build events, and even provide on-site support when needed. With Rockhouse Partners, Etix’s in-house digital marketing team, our live event experts work as an extension of your team to provide data-driven marketing support that drives long-term ROI. You can focus on running your business, while we focus on increasing your event revenue. Our ticketing experts are with you every step of the way.

At Etix, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of ticketing company. We’ve spent the last 20 years becoming North America’s largest privately-owned ticketing software provider by developing a cutting-edge sales and CRM platform and always putting our clients first.

Ready to learn more? Set up a platform demo to see how Etix can support your casino with customized solutions to your unique needs.