Heads or Tails! Auditing Revenue is more than a Coin Toss

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Chris Faria welcomes back industry compliance expert Doug Parker of Finley & Cook to discuss types of risk and how risk assessments allow us to proactively approach and evaluate our operational goals.

Take this opportunity to join Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine and Finley & Cook’s Doug Parker in discussing risk assessment and mitigation in casino operations. Doug’s findings are based on decades of understanding Tribal Gaming regulations, providing training on these regulations, and completing audits and assessments to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Take a Stance, not a Chance

Mitigating risk and eliminating issues that hinder the success of your casino

So often, our industry creates internal controls in response to regulation. In other words, we create rules and processes in our day-to-day activities to stay in compliance. However, internal controls should always be developed in response to risk – not regulation. Maybe it is because the Tribal Gaming industry is so heavily regulated, but assessing and responding to risk, not regulations, is a more effective way to run a business. Waiting on regulations to dictate how we operate leaves us vulnerable to an unapologetic world of uncertainty and misfortune.

Join us May 10, 2022 @ 10 am PST / 1 pm EST for Heads or Tails! Auditing Revenue is more than a Coin Toss! 

What you will learn in this series:

  • Types of risk, how to evaluate the right way, and how to implement an effective risk assessment strategy
  • The key differences between risk assessment and audits
  • Putting the horse before the cart – why you should not just rely on audits alone
  • Examples of risk assessment and areas of impact
  • 4 steps to a proper risk assessment
  • When is the time to implement risk assessment and who should be involved?
About Doug Parker

Doug has been with Finley and Cook for fourteen years. In this time, he has gained an understanding of all aspects of gaming and the correlating control standards that are in place to protect the assets of the Tribes and the integrity of gaming. He has extensive experience with various back of house systems, creating effective audits to be in compliance with necessary control standards, reconciliations of accounting information, and analyzing the performance of slot machines. He has also been responsible for drafting Standard Operating Procedures for a diverse range of clients.

Currently, Doug assists clients with ensuring the controls they have in place are putting them in a position to be successful in their endeavors. He has shared his knowledge on several different gaming-related topics at local and national conferences. He continues to solidify his knowledge of casino processes through valuable experiences with clients, as well as participating in other opportunities in the industry.

About Finley & Cook

Finley & Cook has been an integral part of the Tribal gaming industry, assisting both operational and regulatory entities with performing accounting services, internal audits and assessments, drafting policies and procedures, and offering compliance-based solutions to unforeseen issues.