Ask the Expert Series: Slots

Best advice on marketing solutions

Every issue we’ve asked slot suppliers what tools and advice slot directors can benefit from that perhaps they’re not taking full advantage of. In our last issue, we covered progressive hit levels and banking strategies. In this issue, based on operator feedback, we have identified “marketing programs” as an underutilized resource. This can cover signage, promotional help, launch parties and other support services that bridge the gap between the machine and player interaction.

Here’s what our panel had to say:

Dan Schrementi, VP Gaming Sales & Marketing, Incredible Technologies

“A gaming floor is a retail environment. Operators and marketers should be comparing their strategies to trends seen among other industries. Walk through the aisles of a slot floor visually; it is the slot manufacturers that are responsible for the majority of the visual space through cabinets, game screens and signage. The era of suppliers only caring about marketing our game is over – instead we have an obligation to boost the aesthetic of your floor in partnership with our own brands. From the shape of the bank, custom artwork on the signs and the theme/bet selection – every decision matters. My advice is to challenge us as suppliers as to how our products are helping to enhance the casino experience with every detail. On the flip side, challenge yourself if your floor is matching the experience of the greatest retail influencers you can think of. When everything seems good enough, don’t be fooled by performance. Well-performing games, retailed well, on an optimized floor will boost ‘good’ to ‘great.’”

Santiago Salvestrini, Marketing Director, Merkur Gaming Americas

“For Merkur Gaming Americas, marketing and promotional support is not something that is an occasional add-on, but rather an integral element of everything that we do. Having seen the amazing added value brought about by our highly motivated and skilled promotional teams on gaming floors across Latin America, we are determined, as we achieve our market entry into the tribal government gaming sector in the US, to provide an equally focused service to operators here. We have already begun to support our customers, the operators, by enhancing product installations with promotional events that are tailor-made to enhance the gaming environment wherever they are held. Our target is to build foot traffic and player engagement in properties where we make new installations by means of individually planned and presented promotions, including exciting prize giveaways and cash drawings that skillfully demonstrate not just the excellence of our games, but also the total commitment of our company to further enhancing Indian Country gaming entertainment.”

James Starr, President, VGT an Aristocrat Company

“One of the advantages of VGT’s Class II portfolio is the recognizable game characters who players have come to know and love. Building on that fan foundation, we help our operator partners coordinate live appearances of Mr. Moneybags and Red Hot Ruby to visit their properties and engage with players directly. Also, we create additional opportunities to help drive traffic to the casino, such as player tournaments and events. In conjunction with these efforts, we provide pre-packaged promotions and assets that operators can quickly unpack and implement on their floor seamlessly. Finally, we arm our partners with advertising materials (“AdMats”) filled with artwork and marketing elements that they can leverage in their internal efforts.”

Nick Khin, Chief Commercial Officer, IGT

“IGT ADVANTAGE casino management systems offer our customers a compelling variety of ways to market to their players. For example, with ADVANTAGE’s Intelligent Offer app, our customers can build personalized promotions that are sent directly to players’ mobile devices. These promotions can also be sent directly to a slot machine’s Service Window via IGT’s M5 solution, and tailored based on operator-set criteria, such as player-status, location on the floor and the game being played. Whether it’s providing free play or a complimentary meal at an on-property restaurant, IGT Advantage is a flexible marketing tool that can engage players while streamlining operational efficiencies for casino customers.”

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