What Does It Take to Be a Modern Day Warrior?

Welcome Shaun Martin, Principal, Chinle Elementary School, and your keynote at the upcoming Raving NEXT conference. Today, Shaun talks to us about the idea of the modern day warrior. For all of you as leaders in Tribal organizations, how can we become warriors for our Tribe, our team and those around us?

“To be a modern day warrior, we need to be grounded in our past, our beliefs, philosophies, and our cultural teachings,” Shaun shares, “We lead and protect others.” Meet Shaun this January at Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Strategic Operations & Leadership Conference. As a Navajo Ultra Marathoner and dedicated educator, Shaun has influenced the lives of many – most importantly the 49 student athletes who have earned scholarships to attend college from his reservation.

In his keynote, Shaun will focus on leadership development and guiding principles utilizing the traditional practice of storytelling. Incorporating the lessons of First Nations people to build resilience, Shaun will challenge us all to define our beliefs and take an active role in preserving and revitalizing our local communities as Natanii’s (leaders).

You may recognize Shaun from the 2019 Netflix documentary series Basketball or Nothing. This is the story around the lives of the Chinle High School boys’ basketball team on the Navajo Nation reservation, the largest reservation in America. You may also recognize him as a featured runner in the film 3100: Run and Become.

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