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The importance of selecting a trusted platform partner that is with you for the journey

The move to online – Why it’s more important now than ever

The digital revolution(digital transformation) is no longer a trend, it has created a new world that is here to stay. Operators who chose to embrace it and transform their operations accordingly are set to disrupt the landscape of gaming forever.

Players’ and bettors’ expectations, playing and betting habits have changed and continue to change at a rapid rate, ease of use and a multichannel offering are more important today than ever before. Ultimately it is the player and not the operator who gets to decide which method of communication and play they want and will use the most.

How can moving online benefit you as a retail operator?

That’s all very well you might be thinking, but what’s in it for me and how will it affect my retail operation? For many retail operators, the decision to go online can be a daunting one, which leaves unanswered questions such as “How is it possible that including an online offering will actually be of benefit to my retail operation? Won’t it completely sabotage my retail business?

It’s a very fair question and it’s understandable why this might be the general opinion when you are not fully aware of how a true cross-channel digital transformation works.

A true omnichannel strategy allows operators like you to provide your players with a seamless cross-channel player experience across your retail operation, entertainment venue and online site to increase customer convenience, player lifetime value and retention, all of which will have a significant impact on your business operations.

SO, how can a seamless offline to online player experience be achieved?

Well, it all depends on the partner and solution you choose. Ultimately what you want and should be looking for is a solution which brings your existing retail operation and new digital operation together through aspects such as a single point of registration, a shared wallet to allow players to use and transfer funds between online and offline operations and loyalty systems, to enable you to provide a full cross-channel service offering. Essentially your digital site should mirror your brand, values and offering, your players should recognize your brand at either operation and experience the same kind of promotions and have access to the same type of content regardless of where they are playing.

How do you ensure a seamless integration?

Something to consider is that there is not one standard for all land-based, retail and online systems. At GiG, we recognize this and have built our platform and omnichannel solution around flexible solutions and APIs that can be easily integrated with a variety of systems. This essentially allows retail operators to structure their digital transformation strategy in the best way possible to suit your needs and in a way that can be used within your current system so that your new online operation seamlessly connects with your existing retail system.

Looking beyond the launch

When launching an online offering there is more to think about than the initial digital set-up. There are many processes that will differ from that of a pure land-based operation. There are some additional services that an operator should be looking for to ensure that the process is smooth not only upon launch but to ensure a continued seamless experience throughout the entire digital transformation.  One of the most important decisions is selecting the right partner, someone you can build a solid relationship with, who is with you throughout the journey. At GiG, we don’t just work with anyone, in the same way, you wouldn’t place your business’s essential needs in the hands of any provider without ensuring their values and experience match your business model, values and needs. We believe in being selective in the partners we form relationships with so that we can focus on long-term growth and ensure brand loyalty.

The expert team here to look after all operational needs

At GiG, we offer a turnkey, tailor-made package of managed services support led by our dedicated team of experts, which is available from pre-launch throughout our partners’ business lifecycle, providing operators with the support they need to help manage and grow their gaming business. Whether you are looking for help with your acquisition strategy, to process faster payments, to increase customer lifetime value or for advanced responsible gaming and player protection tools – our managed services solution has it covered.

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