BBQ Lovers, Start Your Appetites! Everett and Jones Opening at Graton Resort & Casino

Rohnert Park Resort Adds Iconic Barbeque Restaurant to Dining Options. Media Invited to Special Preview by Arrangement.

Everett and Jones Super Q Sauce; Graton Resort & Casino

ROHNERT PARK, Calif. (May 17, 2022) – Sonoma County’s Graton Resort & Casino announced today that it will open an Everett and Jones Barbeque restaurant in the summer of 2022. It will be the newest addition to the Everett and Jones Barbeque family of restaurants.

“Everett and Jones will be a great addition to our diverse family of restaurants,” said Mario Maesano, vice president of marketing of Graton Resort & Casino, the 200-room, 65-acre resort with a full-service gaming experience. “Everett and Jones has long been recognized as one of the top barbecue restaurants in the Bay Area. We are thrilled to welcome them to Graton Resort and Casino.”

Renowned for its signature homemade beef links and pork ribs, Everett and Jones started in Oakland with their first location opening at 92nd Avenue. In 1974, Everett and Jones opened a second restaurant on the corner of University and San Pablo Avenues in Berkeley, and a third opened in 1975. Popular dishes include chicken, pork ribs, beef links, beef brisket with side dishes, mac & cheese, BBQ beans, potato salad and green beans.

Founder’s story

Dorothy Everett started Everett and Jones in Oakland in 1973 with her eight daughters, son and son-in-law, Jones. Dorothy realized if she wanted to get authentic barbeque sauce in the Bay Area, she would need to make it herself.

Dorothy and her husband, Cleveland, moved from Alabama to California in 1952 looking for a better life. When Cleveland and Dorothy separated eight years later, Dorothy took care of the children and worked part-time tending a smoke pit at Jenkin’s Bar-B-Que on the famous 7th Street in West Oakland. She later left Jenkins and became the manager for Flint’s Barbeque.

Dorothy borrowed money from her best friend Cora and Harry Mock, of Fair Deal Market to start her own barbecue restaurant, and the first location of Everett and Jones opened. Dorothy named the restaurant after the maiden names of her children.

Guide to the Good Life named Everett and Jones one of the top five of the 2022 Best Barbecue Restaurants in San Francisco/Bay Area. Everett and Jones’ “Super Q Barbeque Sauce” is a staple at all three restaurants and available wherever barbecue sauces are sold.

About Graton Resort & Casino

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