Technology Solutions that Keep You in Compliance

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Hear more from Finley & Cook’s Rachel Loudon on the upside of this innovative CPA firm and how they are developing technology and compliance solutions.

Nobody knows better than Finley & Cook how to cut expenses, increase efficiencies, avoid penalties, and decrease costly mistakes

Finley & Cook - Virtual Vault
A paperless cage & vault tool, delivering powerful control, compliance, and operational protections to your casino.

Most people see Finley and Cook CPAs and automatically think AUDIT, but did you know these specialized professionals use all their logic and knowledge to develop technology solutions that help keep you in compliance?

Exclusive technology to help you manage your day-to-day activities and your long-term reporting, budgeting, and compliance, developed by the experts at Finley & Cook.

If there was ever a time to cut expenses, this is it. Storing and maintaining five years of financial data is costly and inefficient.

By converting to a paperless cage application with VirtualVault, not only can you free up needed resources, the opportunity for human error is practically eliminated with SmartComply Technology. You will immediately see a decrease in costs.

GhostSentry is your key to remote access control.

GhostSentry is firewall designed just for Class II gaming. It is easy to set up and easy to use.  It does not require a high level of technical experience to configure or operate and will work with any of your Class II vendors.
With GhostSentry, you can stop manually tracking access, stop traveling to the casino just to plug in remote access.  More importantly, you can stop dreading that next audit, guaranteed.

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Over 35 years of casino & Tribal solutions from a team who knows Indian country

Finley & Cook has been an integral part of the Tribal gaming industry, assisting both operational and regulator entities with performing accounting services, internal audits and assessments, drafting policies and procedures, and offering compliance-based solutions to unforeseen issues.

The products and services Finley & Cook offers have been developed based on the needs of the Indian Gaming industry.

From their perspective, those needs center around casinos maximizing profits, minimizing costs, and doing it all the right way. Finley & Cook wants to help their clients have the confidence they are accomplishing their goals, not because of what we do for them, but because we stand shoulder to shoulder to accomplish those goals with them.

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