Diverse Products for Online and Brick-and-Mortar Casinos: Deron Hunsberger – Ainsworth on TG&H On Air

During G2E 2023, Deron Hunsberger, President – North America, Ainsworth, chatted with Raving CEO & Owner Deana Scott about how the company is evolving to meet the industry’s future landscape. “Ainsworth has made a significant commitment to expanding its research and development efforts,” shared Hunsberger, covering various aspects of the gaming business, including Class III traditional business, historical horse racing (HHR), and Class II gaming. Ainsworth’s strategic focus is on becoming an omni-channel provider, acknowledging the growing convergence of online gaming with brick-and-mortar casinos. They’ve expanded their studio locations, including Austin, TX, and Reno, NV, to offer a more diverse product range to cater to the differing preferences of players, whether they seek entertainment or gambling.

As the online gaming market expands into more jurisdictions, operators are increasingly seeking the capability to simultaneously launch products across multiple channels, while providing a seamless experience both in the physical casino and online from home. Ainsworth is committed to building the necessary technology to adapt to the evolving landscape of online gaming and meet the demands of the future.

Ainsworth’s strategy also involves a strong focus on analytics to better understand player preferences. “You cant assume that all players are attracted to the same experience,” shared Hunsberger. Ainsworth continues to provide products that cater to various player segments, especially those with high value and high yield potential.

Looking ahead to 2024, Ainsworth continues to serve its current customer base with unique gaming concepts and legacy content. Their team is rapidly adapting technology to track and attract the next generation of players to brick-and-mortar gaming along with convenience gaming online.

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