Ainsworth Betting on Gambler’s Gold

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In March, Ainsworth finalized a deal to acquire the assets of MTD Gaming Inc., a leading developer and of top performing and unique poker, keno and video reel content for use in Multi-Game and Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) markets.

Today that tremendous content has become available for Class 3 casino operators.

Hear Ainsworth Chief Commercial Officer Deron Hunsberger discuss the strategy behind Gambler’s Gold with TG&H executive editor Chris Faria. Operators can also register for a live demo (see Ainsworth Showroom Live below).

Hear Ainsworth Chief Commercial Officer Deron Hunsberger discuss the strategy behind Gambler’s Gold in our recent TG&H On Air.

No one is offering a product quite like this

What’s so powerful about this product, according to Hunsberger, is “You’ll see features you don’t see in a normal keno product: free play, bonuses, multipliers.”

Installations of Gambler’s Gold, a multi-game Keno/Poker/Reel package, will happen soon in Southern California and a Nevada launch is in the works.

A VLT-Style Product: A must have for your high repeat local player

Gambler’s Gold gives Keno players the chance to win big jackpots by offering varying volatility levels through the kind of bonus-ing traditionally seen in slots.

This is a perfect fit for players looking for that big win OR for that player that wants to have more time on device.

The package is based on the top performing Montana Gold MultiGame that’s exclusively utilized by Golden Entertainment in the competitive Montana Video Lottery Terminal market.

Take a closer look at Gambler’s Gold, a new VLT / MultiGame Keno product with bonuses, freeplay and other ways to engage high-repeat local guests.

Ainsworth Showroom Live Experience

Once again, TG&H will be presenting Ainsworth Showroom Live, where operators will have the opportunity to see more than a dozen titles for the first time, all part of the launch of Gambler’s Gold.

Participants can ask direct questions about the math and volatility with Dustin Fasbender, Director of Development, Ainsworth.

Register here
Ainsworth Showroom Live presented by TG&H
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
10:00 am – 10:45 am pst

What operators said of the last Ainsworth Live Showroom Experience:

“I really enjoyed the Ainsworth presentation. It was informative and well presented. I found the demos and information provided helpful. As we continue in a reduced contact COVID world continuing to create demos for new products, game themes, models and enhancements would help future buying decisions.”
– General Manager

“The format is one of the best I have ever participated in. It was concise, insightful, and to the point.”
– Executive Director Gaming Operations

“I appreciate your offering these webinars as we are interested in any information pertaining to our chosen profession and as we know, gaming always has new information available daily.”
– Director of Gaming Operations

Give us a call today so we can help you differentiate yourself in this competitive market. For more information about Ainsworth, please reach out to Mike Trask, or by calling 702-954-3094.

Sponsored post by Ainsworth