Kambi Answers: What Distinctive Factors Must Tribal Casinos Consider When Establishing a Sports Betting Operation?

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TG&H stopped by Kambi‘s booth at #G2E and spoke with David Bretnitz about their approach to building strong trust-based partnerships with tribal clients and what to look forward to in 2024.

Sports betting can play a pivotal role in enabling tribal nations to generate sustainable, substantial revenues by drawing players to their casino facilities. Our observations from partners who have conducted in-depth case studies have revealed a significant increase in the value of players when a casino and a sportsbook coexist on the property. This boost in value can be attributed to the power of cross-selling, where we can enhance the overall player experience by extending beyond the conventional boundaries of a sportsbook.

One of the primary obstacles faced by many tribal communities is the novelty of sports betting. The unfamiliarity with the intricacies of this domain often leaves tribes in a state of uncertainty. At Kambi, our core mission is to assist these communities in navigating this uncharted territory. We take on the responsibility of handling complex tasks from regulatory and compliance to deploying on-premise kiosks. For tribes aspiring to become regional operators, we can facilitate the establishment of essential data by leveraging vast amount of data from the Kambi network. This relieves our tribal partners of the operational burdens, enabling them to concentrate on player engagement, operational efficiency, marketing strategies, customer acquisition, and, significantly, customer retention.

From a technological perspective, Kambi offers a state-of-the-art and competitive sportsbook platform. Our award-winning technology has been developed in-house, ensuring that our tribal partners have access to the most competitive offerings. One of our priorities is to ensure that our tribal partners can compete on equal footing with tier-one commercial operators by leveraging Kambi products such as our exceptional Bet Builder, sophisticated odds compilation, market-leading risk management, and trading expertise.

In addition to the technology, Kambi provides strategic support throughout the entire sportsbook journey, starting before the launch and extending beyond. Our pre-launch services encompass comprehensive property assessments, getting a sense of their unique environment and determine the most advantageous approach for launching a sportsbook.

Kambi possesses valuable data that enables us to make informed recommendations. We can tailor our advice to match the specific jurisdiction, local population, and database of the tribe. This allows us to suggest the ideal number of kiosks, ensuring that our partners make fiscally responsible decisions without unnecessary spending. Furthermore, we provide guidance on the placement of teller windows and help determine the staffing required for ticket processing. We even assist in optimizing seating arrangements. These services are all part of our standard offering, and there are no additional charges for them.

Moreover, Kambi assigns a dedicated partner success manager to act as a strategic liaison between the tribe’s key stakeholders and various departments within Kambi. This ensures seamless communication and support for our tribal partners, providing them the best opportunity for success.