NB3 Foundation Selects Eight Schools in NM for Active Schools Campaign

The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation announced that it is partnering with eight schools in New Mexico for its Active Schools campaign. This campaign is aimed at supporting schools in their efforts to promote the health and fitness of their students during the pandemic.

“This has been an immensely challenging year for schools, educators and students everywhere. Educators have unique opportunities to promote healthy behaviors for their students which is why the Foundation will support schools across the state serving our Native students,” Jon Driskell, NB3 Foundation COO said. “Providing this modest funding and training opportunity is one way we can enhance the work schools are doing to make positive impacts in their communities.”

The Active Schools campaign supports schools with a high enrollment of Native American students in organizing events and activities that promote one or more of the Foundation’s four core areas: healthy nutrition, physical activity, youth development and cultural connections.

Schools joining the NB3 Foundation Active Schools campaign include:

  • Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, N.M. to support a wellness challenge and a storyteller night that will engage students and families in learning the significance of cultural stories during the winter season.
  • Dream Diné Charter School in Shiprock, N.M. to provide students with equipment and additional learning resources that will promote physical activity and healthy nutrition.
  • Dził Ditł’ooí School of Empowerment Action and Perseverance (DEAP) in Navajo, N.M. to support healthy nutrition by implementing a monthly nutrition program and providing families with kitchenware and healthy recipes.
  • Laguna Elementary School in Laguna Pueblo, N.M. to host a virtual run/walk event during spring break to promote physical activity.
  • Santa Fe Indian School in Santa Fe, N.M. to host weekly fitness challenges from February through March, as well as hosting a water challenge encouraging students, families and staff to drink more water.
  • Mescalero Apache School in Mescalero, N.M. to host a virtual jump rope challenge for the students in the district.
  • Cuba Independent School District in Cuba, N.M. to facilitate a video contest for youth to promote physical activity, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Vista Grande High School in Taos, NM to host physical activity challenges and a nutrition event focused on students preparing a meal with one or more “pre-contact” foods.

The schools will also attend a “Playing to Heal & Virtual Facilitation” training from Up2Us Sports. They will explore both the aspects of stress on the brain, the effects of COVID, and facilitation techniques to use for creating healing-centered virtual experiences.

“Our ultimate goal for the campaign is to help schools and students start 2021 on a positive note,” NB3 Foundation Community Coordinator Leroy Silva said. “The importance of our health is at an all-time high, especially within Native American communities … we’re excited to partner with these schools and look forward to highlighting all the amazing work they do to promote the health and wellbeing of their students.”


About the Notah Begay III Foundation

The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation is Native-led nonprofit organization dedicated to Native American children’s health. Our mission is to ensure Native children achieve their full potential by advancing cultures of Native American community health. The NB3 Foundation invests in community-driven and culturally relevant programs that promote healthy nutrition, physical activity, cultural connections and youth development. We are committed to a vision that all children live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. Learn more about the NB3 Foundation at: www.nb3foundation.org