Sneak Peek Gaming Industry Marketing Survey

During the first two weeks of January, Raving conducted a gaming marketing survey.

The goal of this survey was to get a pulse and benchmark on marketing, analytics and other initiatives within the gaming industry leading into 2021.

Those who responded to the survey as well as attendees to Raving NEXT: Analytics and Marketing Conference will be emailed the full report this week.  If you or a team member at your operation would like a copy of this report and to participate in future surveys, please subscribe to our publications by going to If you are already subscribed, email to get a full copy of the report.

Here’s just one of the questions we asked in our survey:

What is the biggest pivot you have made to your marketing department in 2020 and continuing into 2021?

Pivot & Change

  • Being quicker to respond to the market
  • Change in marketing methods
  • Changing messaging from being promotional-based to simply saying, “We’re open and these are the safety measures put in place”
  • Corporate realignment
  • Staying agile and continually evolving with the situation
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Going from constant promotions and drawings to nearly zero; minimal extra credit, limited food and room comps
  • Controlling costs and adding employees to the department to cover major marketing processes that were normally sent out to an agency
  • Bringing in both a database and a player development person to help us
  • Focus on online gaming and working together to convert land-based customers

Covid & Safety

  • Dealing with COVID restrictions
  • Marketing towards our guests as a “thank you” for returning to our casino
  • A post covid “re-awakening”
  • Safety above incremental revenue – staying open is crucial
  • We focused on communicating the safety measures we have taken against the coronavirus and stopped organizing live entertainment and events
  • Due to COVID, we had to close multiple times, so we have cut radio, tv and print. We have concentrated mostly on social and also online networking. Plus, our previous draw for new and old customers was our events but now we can’t have any events, so we’re focusing more on the casino promotions, plus the hotel and RV park to bring in business
  • Working from home every day
  • Keeping up morale

What has been your biggest pivots moving forward in 2021? We want to know! Please contact our executive editor Chris Faria at to share your lessons and learning with our community.