Healing a Community: Helping the Lovelock Reservation through community owned cannabis.

Reno, NV (Feb. 16, 2021)- For many patients, cannabis helps heal their personal pain, but for Nevada’s Lovelock Paiute tribe, cannabis is economically healing their community.

“Before we started working with cannabis, we didn’t generate any income and were just dependent on federal funding,” explained Stephanie Rhodes, the chairwoman for the tribe’s economic board. “The dispensary and grow center has brought us income and united the tribe members. We have hope and we see we can achieve.”

Working with Tribal Cannabis Consultants the Lovelock community established a dispensary and cultivation center that today employs nearly 20 individuals like Sage Bonta.

Sage Bonta, 24-years-old, had never really considered what he’d be when he grew up before the cannabis businesses came to the community. Two years ago he started as a budtender, moved to cultivation, and today is in training to become the program manager of the cannabis program. The program manager must know the in and out of all the different establishments, from retail to the grow facility. Sage plans to make this his career choice serving his community.

“The sky’s the limit here now,” Bonta said. “There is so much room for advancement.”

According to Rhodes, the income generated from the cannabis businesses allows the tribe to repair homes, provide essentials for the elders, arrange monthly senior outings and put money into educating the next generation. The tribal council takes careful consideration on how to spend,  thinking generations into the future.

“The cannabis business helps us to provide social services that we don’t get grant money for,” said Rochelle Desoto, vice chairwoman of the tribe. Rochelle is now a regional manager that helps train other tribe’s trim and packaging departments.

“While there were initially mixed emotions in the tribe about getting involved in cannabis, educating the community about the healing benefits of cannabis got their buy-in.”

“It’s been such a good opportunity for us in terms of income and growth,” said Sandra Winap, chairwoman of the tribe. “It’s such an open field and we can move in so many directions to continue to grow.” Chairwoman Winap has stayed focused on the growth of this industry and not just the jobs for the community, but the building of self reliance and financial independence.

The Lovelock Paiute Tribe celebrates their relationship with Joseph Dice, Cassandra Dittus and the Tribal Cannabis team, who have been integral in building the fully tribal owned program.

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About Tribal Cannabis Consulting:

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