CIIC’s Most Popular Session – “CON 101 & 102” Is Back

ASU’s Construction In Indian Country hosts CON 101 & 102 Webinar

TEMPE, Ariz (Feb. 16, 2021) – Construction In Indian Countryâ (CIIC) is hosting a webinar called CON 101 and 102. It’s their most popular training session from their annual conference. It will be held on March 11th and 12th via Zoom webinar.

This will be the 19th year CIIC will host the CON 101 & 102 training session. The CON 101/102 was redesigned at the CIIC 2019 annual conference to implement more technical training and a workshop experience. The redesign reduced presentation by adding more training components – to create an academic environment. The purpose is to build construction management capacity for Owners, industry professionals and other stakeholders within the tribal project management scope. In the past, a series of speakers come from all aspects of the building process. This year will be different. There will be only two speakers and a moderator and delivered virtually via Zoom webinar.

“Although times are different, and nations are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic; despite, many are wanting to get back to business as soon as possible,” said Bob Terry, III, Founding Principal, Kenēw Construction Management. Bob Terry will be co-speaking along with Chris Creasey, Director, Tutor Perini Building Corp. “We’re confident that all the information and conversations will be available as close as can be to meeting in-person,” said Creasey. The Zoom webinar features will enable Q & A and breakout rooms if needed. They have allotted extra time for Q & A forums and online accessibility to presentation materials.

Registration for the CON 101 & 102 Webinar is open at For more information about CON 101 & 102 or about CIIC please contact them at (480) 727- 3105 or at

About Construction in Indian Country

The Mission of Construction in Indian Country is to support construction management education to benefit American Indian and Indigenous communities as they increase their capacities to manage their own affairs while determining their own destinies.

Our Vision is that all Indigenous communities shall have the technical capabilities and personnel to manage construction activities at industry-best standards. CIIC believes in promoting quality construction and construction management to industry-best standards while acknowledging and honoring the reestablishment or maintenance of tribal specific construction practices and cultures. For further information, contact Marcus Denetdale, Program Manager, Construction in Indian Country, ASU.


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