Crystal Echo Hawk Named Tribal Gaming Protection Network’s 2021 Woman Warrior

Presentation of award to be held during the Virtual 5th Annual Women in Tribal Gaming Symposium, May 11th, 2021

San Pasqual, CA  (May 7, 2021) — The Tribal Gaming Protection Network announced their 2021 Woman Warrior Award recipient, Crystal Echo Hawk (Pawnee) Founder and CEO of IllumiNative.

“The TGPN is thrilled to present this annual award to one of our sisters who has led our Indigenous brothers and sisters in changing what the future looks like for our next generation,” said Frances Alvares, Chairwoman of the Tribal Gaming Protection Network.

The Power of Perseverance

“The TGPN was founded to provide Tribal Gaming Regulators outreach, and education for the Tribal Gaming Industry. One of the ways we foster this is by hosting an annual ‘Women in Tribal Gaming Symposium. As the TGPN gathers for our 5th Annual Women’s Symposium next week, we will bring hundreds of women together to take part in two powerful days of education, sharing stories, breakthroughs and lessons cultured from a uniquely challenging time in our history. This year we focus on our theme ‘The Power of Perseverance’.

Each year, we strive to find a special woman willing to share her story, her accomplishments, and the journey that led to it. In the end, she leaves us inspired and with the thought of living among our own ‘Modern Women Warriors’.

Ms. Echo Hawk’s Warrior tradition is exemplified in her work with IllumiNative. She is an advocate for all Native Peoples and her perseverance as she fights for positive representation of Indigenous peoples. For these reasons, Crystal Echo Hawk is our TGPN  2021 Modern Woman Warrior.” stated Alvarez.