Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Goes to G2E

TG&H Advisory Board

Let’s Take A Different Approach

This year’s G2E marked a very special occasion as we distributed our first Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine. We also held our first, annual TG&H Advisory Board Member meeting (picture above), gathering a phenomenal group of thought leaders and supporters, generating a list of topic ideas for thoughtful, inspirational and meaningful articles to move the industry forward.

Many suppliers I interviewed responded positively to my non-traditional press questions, on how they were helping and partnering with Tribal gaming operators to be more successful; or how their companies were creating work environments to grow and stimulate their teams. I can’t wait to share these upcoming articles with you. There’s always an untold story.

Lean On Me

Of the several interesting events and conversations, the Global Gaming Women’s Lean In Breakfast sponsored by San Manuel Casino last Thursday took me by surprise. For those of you not-familiar with “lean in circles” – they are organized groups for mentorship, advice, and support. GGW has their own organized groups for all professional levels in gaming and hospitality with the goal of “creating an opportunity for women within the industry to connect, learn, build relationships and grow their careers.” The breakfast, attended by over 350 women, (including a handful of men), didn’t have a keynote presenter; rather it was to participate in an exercise of sharing, of trust, of stepping outside one’s comfort level. Each table had a deck of cards with provocative and personal questions. The question that hit a soft spot at our table was, “What was a time that you felt the most powerless?” The answers from my tablemates ranged from situations at work to personal challenges.

I went to the breakfast expecting to network with women from all levels of the gaming industry, up and coming stars as well as powerhouse veterans, suppliers and operators alike — and I wasn’t disappointed. What I didn’t expect was how powerful, emotional and honest the conversations were. I left feeling empowered and inspired – realizing that insecurities, self-doubt, and self-saboteurs live in pretty much every one of us. However, through expanding our relationships and moving outside our own organizations, asking for help, being generous in our support, sharing our learning and lessons, we can assist each other to overcome those things that keep us from having the careers, the experiences and the lives that we want (and silence those “mean girls” in our heads, that push us down). It was that powerful. And yes, I enrolled to be a part of a future Lean In Circle. If you’re interested, learn more by clicking here. Don’t wait too long, as this year’s applications (it’s free) ends November 1.

Cool Conversation, Cocktails and Your Contribution to Charity

Every year we have a party poolside – with the intention of gathering together new and old friends for meaningful conversation. It’s always a great time, under the stars, shooting hoops, playing pub games, or sampling Brady’s specialty whiskey, at the same time raising money for our charitable partner, the Notah Begay III Foundation. Mission accomplished. Thank you for joining us once again and your generous contributions. We appreciate you and thanks for celebrating our first issue of Tribal Spirit and Hospitality Magazine, rebranded and relaunched after 20 years!