JCM® Global Demonstrates the Power of Innovation at G2E 2019

LAS VEGAS (October 1, 2019) – JCM® Global has a 65-year history of innovation, and in booth #4039 at G2E 2019, that enduring spirit will be on display with groundbreaking solutions, technology and partnerships that will set new, global standards for the gaming industry.

VIDEO: https://g2e.jcmglobal.com

“We have been on a deliberate, thoughtful development journey with our partners. JCM’s spirit of innovation continually drives us to achieve more, to reach higher, and to deepen and expand the partnerships we have with our customers,” said Dave Kubajak, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations. “Now we are thrilled to present the next phase of that journey, one that is filled with game-changing innovations.”

The journey began with JCM’s landmark and award-winning iVIZION®, which has fulfilled its promise of being the better, smarter, faster bill validation solution for the global gaming industry. Since its introduction as the foundation of intelligent validation, iVIZION still stands alone as the most advanced, most secure product of its kind, fully equipped with future-ready technology. Major suppliers have partnered with JCM to use iVIZION for a variety of applications, and at G2E, operators will be able to view its newest advancements.

Following the successful launch of iVIZION, JCM presented the industry with the GEN5® Thermal Printer. Proven to have more capacity, more memory, and faster print speeds, it became the perfect companion to iVIZION, and together, they created the foundation for enhanced casino security and stronger customer connections. As a result, the industry has heavily invested in these products and their demonstrated ability to power the casino enterprise in new and sustainable ways.

The ICB® Intelligent Cash Box and PROMONET® systems added innovative intelligence to the iVIZION and GEN5 platform next, which gave operators insights into the total floor operation, streamlined processes, customized reporting, and enabled marketers to directly reach carded and uncarded players with promotional couponing across the entire operation.

JCM continued to bring innovation to the Gaming industry again when the FUZION® system was patented in 2018. Connecting iVIZION and GEN5 to the FUZION real-time peripheral management system, with the added benefit of JCM’s ICB and PromoNet couponing solution, FUZION unleashed a new industry direction: transforming each slot machine into an interactive kiosk that vends and redeems race and sports tickets, lottery tickets, and more. FUZION’s mobile solution, iTITO™, or Intelligent TITO, enables operators to attract new and different types of players by offering a mobile transaction technology. At G2E, operators can expect to realize the full potential to optimize multiple areas of casino operations with FUZION.

In addition, JCM’s cutting-edge Digital Display Solutions allow operators to instantly and dynamically create visual destinations that deepen the connections with patrons across the property. Incredibly flexible and energy efficient, JCM Global® Digital Signage Solutions suit every taste, need, and budget. The displays offer easy-to-configure and easy-to-assemble panels that effortlessly accommodate any size, space, need, or challenge.

Experience the partnerships, products/solutions, and people that only JCM can deliver at G2E, booth #4039. Join JCM online at www.jcmglobal.com, and on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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JCM Global is one of the world’s leading transaction technologies supplier for the banking, gaming, kiosk retail, and vending industries. With unsurpassed service and support, JCM is trusted by operators, manufacturers and integrators on six continents. Its extensive line of award-winning products set global standards with ground-breaking peripheral transaction components to optimize your cash management. Please visit www.jcmglobal.com for more information.