NNAHRA – How This HR Association Can Help Your Organization

Our industry has experienced dramatic growth over the past decades, today we want to spotlight NNAHRA (National Native American Human Resources Association) for assisting so many HR professionals and leaders in its 25 years.

We checked in with their team – Judy Wright, President; Tal Moore, Foundation Director of Development; and Janet Borland, Association Director of Development – to learn about their plans to celebrate this major milestone … in Hawaii!

It’s not too late to join them – register today for the NNAHRA Annual Conference, September 27 – 29 in Honolulu, HI. Attendees will enjoy three days of education, networking, mentoring and fun!

Tune into the interview to hear more ways you can get involved with NNAHRA and become a member through their THRP certification. Join over 2,000 professionals in Indian Country that have gone through the program and gain access to exclusive webinars, summits and learning events.

Visit NNAHRA.org for latest event details and how you can become a member.