Safer and Easier ID Scanning During Coronavirus

Denis Petrov, CEO of

At, we envision a safer and smarter world. In many cases, technology can fall into the “nice-to-have” category, but we don’t consider tools to increase safety and security as luxury items. Since the pandemic, there are many technology tools the gaming industry will find as necessities. We remain committed to our work and to our clients regardless of the state of the world.

Recently, I was asked how our products can help casinos when they reopen. The best long-term security practices for this future are currently unknown. Nonetheless, we anticipate that forward-thinking leaders are evaluating all areas of guest contact and how to keep their team members and guests safe.

Here are some scenarios that may be realities when casinos open up their doors:

  1. Many casinos still ask guests for a physical ID to enter or swipe to create a new players club card. How can help with this?

We have created multiple contactless or minimal-contact solutions. Our handheld scanner options available for a range of prices and functionality allow for security personnel to scan IDs without taking them from a customer. We have also developed software compatible with Windows kiosks as well as iOS and Android tablets that can be used for self-service verification. The tablet screens may be quickly wiped down after uses to avoid person-to-person contact. Visitor information may be displayed on the tablet screen to read at a distance, or on a security desktop interface as well.

We have also developed facial recognition software that offers businesses a way to identify loyalty and banned customers without having to personally scan an ID. Used alongside one of our ID scanning software solutions, this contact-free option verifies all visitors and displays real-time information on a separate desktop interface. Facial recognition technology offers rapid and secure visitor verification, but it is important to note that there must always be a customer opt-in preference to respect consumer privacy.

  1. Some casinos may have to limit the number of folks walking through the doors to keep safe social distancing occupancy. If casinos open up to only loyalty club members, how can security guards and greeters scan their IDs without physical contact or at the entrance doors?

One way to limit and identify loyalty club members without physical contact would be through our facial recognition technology. New customers can consent to facial rec upon their initial ID scan on a self-service kiosk to avoid unnecessary contact. Loyalty club members will not be auto-enrolled, but may elect to enroll on-site at any visit in a matter of seconds. Once enrolled, a customer never needs to scan their ID to enter again

For other services that require identity validation, such as approving applications for a credit line, provides mobile and app solutions too. Using ID front/back and selfie matching technology, our software can verify a customer’s identity online. We also provide an app solution that scans the front and back of the ID along with a selfie of the customer to verify his or her identity.

  1. Are there any other ways can help security and surveillance or other departments, as they will most likely be integrating new protocols?

Yes, in addition to handheld scanners, ID-to-selfie match, and our facial recognition software we offer a suite of software technologies that may be custom crafted for specific environments. Our team will work with your business to recommend software and use-specific hardware to achieve the right blend of security and degree of customer-contact. Whether you are looking for online identity verification to validate IDs for credit line applications or need a single handheld barcode scanner, we’ve developed technology to match your needs.

We are working towards the best possible outcome for our employees and our customers. We are staying fully staffed, fully operational, and working with our clients to accommodate their evolving needs. For personalized recommendations or to speak with one of our team members, please call 888-430-8936.

We have been fortunate enough to work with partners to develop technology specific to the gaming industry as well as different sectors like healthcare, government, and nonprofit. Here are some other ways are products are being used to respond to COVID-19 changes across the market:

Businesses in most states are currently facing the evolving need to maintain compliance delivering products that require age verification. We have optimized our online app and tablet solutions to meet the relaxing alcohol and cannabis delivery laws adjusted for a new pandemic economy. As more restaurants and dispensaries are making deliveries that require an ID scan to complete the order, we offer an app that allows deliverers to scan and verify IDs on any smartphone. Restaurants do not need to spend the capital on handheld hardware but still maintain legal compliance.

During this time of crisis, we have made our visitor management technology available to healthcare, government, and nonprofit groups at no cost. Our software is compatible with almost all hardware, allowing organizations to frequently use existing hardware.

We are also working with healthcare clients to provide a visitor management solution for two Florida hospitals looking to optimize their check-in process amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. This solution enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to scan either US Driver’s Licenses or Health Cards, check patients in, then automatically print badges with the patient’s name, check-in time, age, gender, check-in location, and photo. is committed to using our technology to help our customers provide both services that adapt to changing times. Please feel free to reach out to discuss how our solutions can support your business’s evolving needs.